Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Getting Some Help

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Looking for a tournament room, lost, not sure where you are, holding the map upside down?

How to get Help

NEC Help desks: There is a help desk in Hall 2 and Hall 3. These are manned by 'Blue Shirts'. Blue Shirts are worn by our ambassadors. The ambassadors sole job is to help you the visitor. Just go along and ask for help.

UKGE Staff: Away from the help desks any visitors who encounter an event or experience that causes distress or discomfort or makes them feel unsafe or threatened or anyone who just needs advise and assistance may report it to any of our Yellow Shirt Volunteers, to our Green Shirted Team Leaders or to the Blue Shirted Ambassadors all of which will attempt to resolve the matter.

Roleplaying Rooms: Each room in the roleplaying area has an easily identifiable room captain (the GM at the bright yellow table clothed table) whose role is to keep the rooms under observation and take action in the event of any problems. They can be approached by any player or GM who wished to raise an issue.

Exhibitors: should approach Exhibition services who can summon an appropiate person.

Visit our terms Terms and Policies pages for more details on all the rules and conditions that apply to attending UK Games Expo.