Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Perfect chance to build your dream Gaming Table

21 May, 2024

UKGE gives you a perfect chance to build your dream Gaming Table and deluxify your gaming hobby at one swoop!

We are a leader in manufacturing gaming and dining tables in Europe. We are known for well-thought designs of our gaming tables and versatile custom options.

Come and see what it is all about!

Either you are into:

  • Sunday Family games
  • Games for Couples
  • Miniatures Wargaming
  • TTRPGs
  • Having gaming nights till dawn

We are sure you’ll find something that will catch your eye!


We are brining with us a wide variety of table models for trying out, including:

  • DENIS: accessible, inconspicuous, reliable.
  • HENRY: sturdy, versatile, stylish.
  • VIRGO: ultimate lifestyle statement.
  • BRISTOL: modern, industrial, urban.


NEW AND IMPROVED Megan Plus TABLE with new expanded Megan furniture range

Either you are already a Backer or considering to place a Late Pledge, come and see it by yourself to get enthralled by its beauty!


Come and have some fun with our GIANT DICE TOWER! Just roll the dice and have a chance to win some goodies!

More details:

Stand: 1-740



Newest Megan Plus Kickstarter: