Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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Pac-Man is now available in board game form!

29 April, 2024

WAKA WAKA WAKA! Hachette Boardgames UK will be at UKGE with a GINORMOUS stand to showcase the latest and greatest games in the line-up.

You can’t miss the stand because it’ll be adorned with one of arcade gaming’s most iconic characters. The abstract classic Quoridor is getting a Pac-Man makeover, and it’ll debut here at UKGE.

This brand new edition gorgeously redesigns the board with a PAC-MAN theme, and adds a brand new PAC-MAN mode where up to 4 players can compete as the Ghosts against a player controlling Pac-Man.


What else?

A brand-new title from the designers of Turing Machine called Kronologic takes the famed deduction gameplay of its predecessor and adds a narrative element, having you uncover a mystery and attempt to solve it. Will you reach the status of a legendary detective?

Speaking of legendary, Hachette will also be demoing Cyclades: Legendary Edition. A reworking of a classic which sees players control ancient Greece’s greatest warriors and mythological creatures.

Other new releases include the live wire meddling cats of Nekojima, a game from Splendor designer Marc Andre called Middle Ages, and the brilliant clever yet devious card game called Courtisans – among many more!

On top of this, a range of classics will be available to play, from this year's mega-hit Faraway, to heavyweight titles like Iki, and games that suit any time like Akropolis. Don’t miss the beloved Oink line, including 2024’s megahit DroPolter and a number of upcoming titles too.


In short, Hachette have once again got a stellar line-up of games and continue to position themselves as one of the best in the UK.