Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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No Drinks On The Table are coming to UKGE 2024

15 March, 2024

No Drinks On The Table is a UK based board game publishing company. This name came from having played many games with family and the common outburst being 'no drinks on the table' said very abruptly just before a drink was about to be placed down. “We do not want any spillages!”

The idea for Divide & Conker first came to mind while playing another popular board game. The word conquer was being thrown about when I thought, wait. A game about conker wars would be great. I could create different types of conker cards, players could apply glue or vinegar to these to strengthen them and end in a final battle. My mind was already in the zone as I had seen a competition to make a small box game, I thought this would be perfect, however after some thought and time, I strayed away from the competition and set about self-publishing this myself.

Meet Divide & Conker, some initial ideas and thoughts on the art styling. The game is progressing well with the mechanics and theming set and Dawid Wiącek as the illustrator for the game art. Project updates can be found on their Instagram – nodrinksonthetable.

No Drinks On The Table aims to launch their first board game, Divide & Conker in July 2024 and will be on stand 1-290 at the UK Games Expo 2024.