Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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Meet Pegasus Spiele at the UK Games Expo 2024

6 May, 2024

Meet Pegasus Spiele at the UK Games Expo 2024 at booth 1-105 and experience exciting duels with DORFROMANTIK - THE DUEL. Prove which of you is the true master of landscaping!


Another highlight is the push-your-luck dice game PORT ROYAL! Go in search of the most powerful crew and test your luck. But don’t risk too much or your cargo holds will be empty.

Younger players can try to catch resources for the zombie acopalypse in ZILENCE as fast as they can. Find the best path to flashlights, fuel and snacks in an ever-changing maze!


Mixing set collection and push your luck with beautiful wooden components, TRIQUETA will keep players up their toes. Build triquetas for each animal, but watch out to not get more tiles than that!

You can also dive in the fascinating underwater world with the new game from Deep Print Games LUMICORA and create your own coral reef. Collect coral tiles in different colors and cleverly build them on top of each other.


For scoring points in SHIFTING SEASONS you have to slide the season coloured tiles on a central board and place the fallouts on your board. Try smartly shifting the tiles to unlock bonuses and fulfill requirements.