Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Game Toppers is excited to be a sponsor the 2024 UK games Expo

28 May, 2024

Game Toppers is excited to be a sponsor the 2024 UK games Expo. Game Toppers is a premium, affordable game table and game accessory manufacturer. Game Toppers have become known as one of the top playmat supplies in the board gaming hobby, providing immersive play with over 28 styles of Thematic game mats in 12 different sizes up to 4ft x 8 ft from noted board game artist like Vincent Dutrait, Xavier, InkGollum, Amber scarf, John McCambridge, and Yaroslav and Jay Shelanskey.


You can have an opportunity to play on these perfume 3 mm, stitched edge mats at the UKGE open Play area. Stop by our booth, 1-968 and see our lineup of Game Topper portable tables including the new Designer Art Series 4ft x 6ft Mycroft. We have floor models and game mats for sale at special UKGE prices.

On Sat June 1st 3pm booth 1-968 we are holding a special meet and greet with some noted media personalities and playing our dice game to do a bunch of give-away.

Meet Paul Grogan-Gaming Rules Vids, Michael Dennis-Ready Steady Play, Raymond Haaken-Board Game Heaven and Burky and Barry Doublet- Burky and Badger Board Game Babble Show.

We’d love to show you how we are upgrading everyone’s play experience with the ultimate gaming upgrade.