Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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"Everything Ever" is The Party Game You've Been Preparing For Your Whole Life!

27 May, 2024

"Everything Ever" is The Party Game You've Been Preparing For Your Whole Life. The gameplay is simple and engaging; anyone can enjoy it. Name a thing from each card face up on the table. With 250 different category cards, players deal with only a few at a time, using a fraction of the total. If players can't think of a response, they take the card as a negative point, and the category is replaced from the deck. Alternatively, they can change the category if they have cards in hand. The player with the fewest penalty cards wins! Everybody knows something about everything, and with diverse categories, everyone can be an expert.

Each card included in Everything Ever has unique artwork and a fun, brightly coloured motif to visually convey the light-heartedness of the game. The familiar and easy-to-learn gameplay makes Everything Ever enjoyable for anyone, from kids to co-workers to the person at the bar who needs a friend. The game rewards cleverness every turn, and its quick setup and playtime make it an excellent game for when you’re on the go! Play Everything Ever at Stand 1-302!