There's Vikings out there!

 “From the fury of the Northmen, O Lord deliver us.” - Celtic Prayer

The Vikings at the UK Games Expo 2019

The Vikings have been a fixture at the UK Games Expo for several years, but this year we are bigger and better than ever!  Ardenweard are a group based in North Warwickshire, part of The Vikings society which has been going since 1971.

We have a Living History Encampment on the grass between Pendigo Lake and the NEC where you can visit and see how the Vikings lived, worked and ate a thousand years ago. 

Throughout the day, you have the chance to try out some Dark Age board games such as Hnefatafl and Nine Mans Morris, or have a game of Kubb with a Viking.

We have amazing combat displays scheduled, weapons demonstrations, battles and combat skills demonstrations.

Does your child want to have a go at fighting the Vikings?  Bring them along (under 11’s only) to have combat training and a chance to ‘kill’ the nasty Vikings!

Timetable for all days:

Time Event
10.00 Viking camp opens to the public.
10.30 Weapons Display and Skirmish in the Arena
11.30 The Realities of Adventuring (See below)
12.30 Hrothgar’s Saga and Kiddie Vike in the Arena
14.00 (Saturday) Hnefatafl Contect
3.30 Main Battle in the Arena

Hnefatafl contest.

As part of the Events of the Expo, the Vikings challenge you to a game of wits and cunning!!!!   Hnefatafl is the Ancient Viking board game, similar in appearance to chess but having a totally different strategic rule set. All day you will be able to learn this game, but at 2pm on Saturday the Vikings will be having a championship that anyone can take part in to win a prize. Have you got what it takes to out wit a Viking!

Just come to the Viking area at 2.00 pm on saturday to take part.

The realities of adventuring.

I light hearted talk by the Vikings showing actual items used during the 9th/10th centuries that often turn up in fantasy Role playing games. What exactly is flint and steel, and how do you use it to make a fire? What would a early medieval mirror look like. How to set up camp for the night.  How would Vikings pick a lock? These and other questions answered. Good information for players and GMs who want to add some realism to their fantasy worlds.

and at night time on Saturday:

20.00 Inheritance: A Viking Funeral live action game. No experience necessary in LARPing or Viking-ing! This is a ticketed event.
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There will also be a trade stand in the Viking Encapment to buy all your essential Viking Goodies: Viking Crafts