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The UK Games Expo Seminar schedule is all about celebrating the experience and fun of gaming. It draws together talks by gaming Industry celebrities, live recordings of popular podcasts and You Tube shows, some exciting announcements and even the odd quiz show.
These events take place in two main locations: the Toute Suite - Our main 300 capacity seminar room between Hall 1 and Hall 5 and Piazza Rooms 5 to 7 - Suite of rooms between Hall 1 and Hall 2. There are other game deisgn focused events in our Publisher-Designer Track

There is no reserved seating for these events, please arrive early and join in the Great British tradition of forming an orderly queue. You may be asked to leave after each event, this is by the request of some of our speakers.

Select a Day:

Seminar Location Start Time End Time Capacity
Seminar Location Start Time End Time Capacity
Starfinder 2018 and beyond Piazza - Large 13:00 14:00 100
Pathfinder 2018 and beyond Piazza - Large 15:00 16:00 100
Dice Tower - Designer Interviews Toute Suite 13:00 15:00 350
Games Workshop Q&A Toute Suite 15:00 16:00 350
Designing Monsters Toute Suite 16:00 17:00 350
Shut Up & Sit Down Live! Toute Suite 19:30 21:00 350
Gaming Rules! Live with friends. Toute Suite 21:00 22:00 350