Guide to submitting and running a gaming event at UKGE

Who can I contact to ask about RPGs, Megagames and Larp event submissions?

For queries on Role-playing events please get in touch with John Dodd at John@ukgamesexpo.co.uk

Who can I contact to ask about Boardgame, cardgame and miniatures event submissions?

For queries on board game and card game events and tournaments please get in touch with Richard Denning on richard@ukgamesexpo.co.uk

Please do not submit any form of tournament, card or board game event without having first emailed Richard.

Can I run a tournament at UKGE?

UK Games Expo involves numerous organised play events and tournaments. Each year we get approached by individuals wanting to run a tournament. Firstly please ensure that your tournament idea fits these criteria:

  • Your tournament is for 16 or more players.
  • It is an existing published game that has been on sale long enough for players to have learnt it and own it.
  • There is a player base or community interested in playing the game which you are able to promote the game to.
  • Tournaments or events have already been run before in the UK and at least 16 players turned up on 2 or more occasions in the 12 months before UK Games Expo.
  • You and the players need to be aware that there will be an entry fee to the tournament/event that covers Expo's costs.

Our overriding principle for if we will accept a tournament/event is "is there demand from the visitors?" 

All tournaments/events that are approved and ticketed by UKGE are run by the UKGE organisation. UKGE will set an approved event up as a ticketed tournament/event on the UK Games Expo website. These events will be promoted by us. We allocate space which will be protected space within our organised play areas. Umpires would fall under our volunteer policies and may be entitled to accomoation and other volunteer benefits if the event is accepted. There will be an event ticket charge which UKGE keeps which covers the cost of set up, space, volunteers and any prize support we may give depending on tournament/event demand.

There is no cost to you but if there is no demand for the event and tickets do not sell we retain the right to cancel the tournament/event and refund any sold tickets and use the space for other events.

If you think you have a tournament or events that has a player base and there is demand for then first email Richard Denning, (Organised Play Manager), who will explore the idea further with you.


Can exhibitors run tournaments?

Tournaments on your stands

Many exhibitors choose to run a tournament on their stand, which they are free to do. However UKGE does not ticket these events and the promoting and organising of these events are done by the exhibitor although it may be suitable news for our marketing manager.

Submitting Tournaments into UKGE event space

We do not run tournaments/events in order to create demand as we have found this does not work. If an exhibitor wants to get players playing their game by far the best way is to demo it in the trade hall and donate copies to the Board Game Library. A tournament should not be the start of a marketing campaign but seen as the ultimate marker of a successful game. It's an end point when there is sufficient player base who demand a tournament/event.

If the games does not yet have a player base then the first step is to organise a series of small tournaments/events in local gaming clubs and games shops. If you are an individual we suggest you contact the games publisher as they might have ideas about organised play. If you have a distributor it may be worth talking to them about any support they offer in getting organised play set up.

However if you feel there is player demand you are entitled to submit the event for consideration along with all other events. We do not guarantee the event will run but we will take a look. email Richard Denning, (Organised Play Manager), who will explore the idea further with you.

Paying for your own event space

Occasionally individual exhibitors and companies book dedicated space or a room to run an event in. This is handled by a bespoke arrangment as a fee applies to the space provided.

To explore this option please email Richard Denning.

How do I submit an event?

In order to submit your event you MUST do the following:-

Firstly be aware that with a few exceptions (see * below) any one running a game event at UK Games Expo is treated as a UK Games Expo Volunteer and are all seen as part of our team for the weekend. This includes umpires and GM's. Submitting a game therefore requires that you have read our Volunteering Policy and agree to its conditions. This year we are introducing some online training to ensure that both your experience and that of the visitor is enhanced and that the events are run in an environment that is safe and secure. Submitting a game therefore requires that you agree to login to an appropriate webinar before UK Games Expo.

  1. First read our Volunteering Policy.
  2. Register an account. (This is required so you can submit an event, edit the event and we know who to contact about the event)
  3. Login using the customer login - top left of the website.
  4. Submit your event for consideration using the online form.
  5. You can check the status of your events on your customer page when you are logged in.
  6. In January, you will be asked to submit an application as a Volunteer. When you do this you indicate you are a GM or Umpire. This process is required in order to gain access to any appropriate GM and Umpire Rewards and is obligatory in order to finalist the game submission.
  7. The section manager for the type of game you have submitted will then check your event details and will either contact you if there is a problem or approve your event and set it live. This may take a few weeks.
  8. You will receive notification of the webinar dates one which you must attend before UKGE.
  9. Assuming your event is approved a GM/Umpire pass will be waiting for you for collection at the show.

* Events organised by companies with agreement by UK Games Expo and whose umpires are not accommodated by UK Games Expo or who receive no reward in terms of admission tickets or food vouchers are considered outside the scope of the Volunteer policy but are still expected to abide by the general principles of creating a safe, enjoyable event for our visitors.

How do GM and Umpire rewards work?

GM rewards linked to player hours

With Expo expanding and a growing need to accommodate games that don’t fit into the standard four hour slot, we’re moving to the system of counting player hours for determining rewards for GMs.  Player hours are determined by multiplying the number of players in a game by the number of hours that game runs for, so a game that has six players and runs for four hours will generate twenty four player hours, whereas a game that has four players and runs for two hours will generate eight players hours.

Umpire rewards

Given the difference in hours that can be generated when running even a small tournament, umpires are not subject to the same player hour schedules as GMs. The UKGE organised play manager will discuss this with you as part of the submission/acceptance process for your event.

Consult our Volunteering Policy for Rewards for GMs and umpires.

Important note on Accommodation

There are ONLY a very few single rooms available at the Hotel so most of you will be sharing a twin room if you qualify for a room. Please do not volunteer if you are not willing to share a room. If you are volunteering along with pals or partners it helps if you tell John or Richard who they are and then we can attempt twin you up. (We cannot guarantee that this will be done however).

How will you get your reward?

Your pass will be waiting for you on arrival. If you qualify for food/ drink tokens you will collect these at the show - please see the events desk after 12 on each day. Your name will be on a list with the agreed food/ drink tokens listed. If you are entitled to accommodation then after you have submitted your games we will contact you about your hotel accommodation. Please note that hotel accommodation will involve sharing a twin room.

There are ONLY a very few single rooms available at the Hotel so most of you will be sharing a twin room. So please do not volunteer if you are not willing to share a room. If you are volunteering along with pals or partners it helps if you tell us who they are and then we can twin you up. Note that some GMs and Umpires MAY need to stay at other hotels if the Hilton is full.

How does UKGE view games that do not run?

In the case of RPG games you qualify for the rewards when UKGE accept your games and you turn up to run the game. Some games will not run. This is by design. We want there to be enough games and enough choice so that everyone who wants to play can find a game they like. This means we aim for an excess of about 15% of RPG games. If your game doesn't run we don't hold it against you but you might want to consider why it didn't attract players so that next time it does run.

In the case of tournaments which require a lot more space we would generally aim to cancel events that do not hit an agreed player minimum before the start of UKGE.


What are the usual timings for events?

RPG Games:

There are the standard slots for 4 hour role-playing games. We do allow flexibility however.

9 am till 1pm
3pm till 7pm
8pm to midnight
9am till 1pm
3pm till 7pm
8pm till Midnight
9am till 1pm
3pm lit 7pm

Times for Tournaments and other gaming events

These may occupy a full day or part of a day. Submit your suggested times and we will discuss them with you further.