Events and Activities at UK Games Expo for Publishers and Designers

Cartamundi  are the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of playing cards and board games. 

We have partnered with Cartamundi and Playtest UK to bring you a dedicated Publisher-Designer Track offering Playtest tables, game design and marketing seminars and panels, networking events and opportunities for budding designers to pitch their ideas to publishers. We also offer a Debut designers guide and of course affordable starter stands - see exhibitor guide. There are other seminars and panels with a mainstream appeal in our seminar schedule.


Key Events:
* Playtest Tables- Get feedback on your game design ideas from the visitors
* Publisher-Designer Speed-dating - Game designers give a 5 minute elevator pitch to potential publishers.
* Designers Networking Event- For designers, publishers and other industry professionals.
* New Designer Boot Camp - Learn how to present and pitch your game design to the Industry.
* The Game Design Masterclass -a crash course in the theory and practice of creating exciting boardgames and card games

The Full schedule of workshops and talks will be announced as we approach the show.

* Full event schedule below:

There is no reserved seating for many of these events, please arrive early and join in the Great British tradition of forming an orderly queue. You may be asked to leave after each event, this is by the request of some of our speakers.

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Seminar Location Start Time End Time Capacity