Information and advice for attending the UKGE as a member of the press

Information for Press Attending UK Games Expo 2019

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This information is designed for Press, Media and Journalists attending the UK Games Expo.

General Media and Local Press

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Policy on Filming and Photography at UK Games Expo

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What is UK Games Expo?

UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK - where all aspects of the gaming hobby are represented under one roof.

Basic Stats

When is it?

UK Games Expo is held on the weekend after the late May Bank Holiday. UKGE 2019 will be held on 31st May to June 2nd.

Where is it?

It is held in the UK's largest convention centre National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham. This year we will be using Hall 1& Hall 2 NEC and the NEC Hilton Hotel.

The Show Preview

There is a Show Preview on the evening of Thu 31st May. This is an opportunity for exhibitors to highlight their key games on show at UK Games Expo to interested Media and Retailers.
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Hall 1
Hall 1 comprises around 14000 sqm of space. There (and in Hall 2 ) will be over 300 exhibitors showing all forms of tabletop gaming. In addition to trade, Hall 1 will also contain the HABA Family Zone.
This is a large specially designed area to attract families to learn and play new games together staffed by specially trained demonstrators.

Hall 2
We are using 10000 sqm of Hall 2 for more exhibitors, tournaments and organised play:
• Tournaments for from 16 to 250 players!
• The Board Games Library – After last year’s great success Thirsty Meeples Gaming Cafe will be staffing the UKGE board games library consisting of nearly a thousand board games that the public can borrow.
• Open Gaming Area – There will be enough space set aside in the trade hall for up to a thousand gamers to sit and play at any one time free of charge.

Hilton Hotel
Here we make use of 3500 sqm of space to run:
• The UK’s Largest and most varied roleplaying schedule – hundreds of games over 8 sessions on 3 days.
• LARP type events.
• Open gaming for 2000+ gamers.
• A second board game library at night.
• Entertainment including concerts and live gaming events.
• Food festival.
• Bars and craft beer stand.


Be aware that the hotels in the area get very full during UK Games Expo. For details on accommodation in the area please visit our accommodation page.

Applying for a Press Pass

In principle we are happy to give press passes to TV, radio, Print Media, Podcasts, online magazines and You Tube channels who cover gaming particularly Hobby Gaming.

What we ask of you is one or more of the following:
In advance of UKGE, tell your followers you are attending, talk about us, say what you are planning to do.

When at UKGE, post photos on social media and tell people what you are doing.

Afterwards, write up some article / video about your experience at UKGE.

And most importantly, please remember to tag us in any social media posts before, during, and after. Our hashtag is #UKGamesExpo whilst @ukgamesexpo finds us on social media.

Qualification for a Press Pass

If you are a journalist for TV, radio, newspaper, magazine or online journal/podcast and wish to cover UK Games Expo please fill in this online application form.

There are fields for Facebook/ Twitter etc. If your main following is on You Tube or podcast please add that channel in the notes field so we can assess the suitability

We will then process your application and will arrange press passes for appropriate organisations. Further instructions will then follow.

Press Passes are collected on arrival from any ticket point at the Entrance to Hall 1 and Hall 2 on either THU afternoon between noon and 6pm (to allow you to attend the show preview) or during the show.

They will be held under your organisation name and your own name.

At peak times we will have a VIP/Press/Guest fast track queue at Hall 1.

Why might your application be accepted?

A UKGE press pass is intended for professional journalists and publications or serious hobby game enthusiast blogs and channels with a significant following.

We would generally expect your publication or site to have existed for at least 2 years.

At least one of your sites/ social media accounts etc should have a significant number of followers, likes or subscribers (in the order of several hundreds at least).

You should generally have evidence of frequent and regular content or output.

If your site has mixed content e.g. Geek Culture or computer games as well as hobby games we would expect that posts relating to gaming represented at least a third of your content.

There should be evidence of significant engagement with your site. (Comments, shares etc)

It should be clear to us that your purpose in attending is to cover the UK Games Expo widely and extensively.

Why might your application be rejected?

The most likely reasons are one or more of these:

Your publication or site has not existed for long.

Your sites have a low number of followers, likes or subscribers.

There is little evidence of significant engagement with your site. (Comments, shares etc)

Posts and articles are infrequent, off topic or perhaps poorly written.

Posts portray the gaming hobby in negative light.

Tabletop gaming content features only rarely on your site.

It appears to us that your purpose in attending is not related to journalistic activity.