Accessing your trader portal

Your trader portal allows you to see what orders you have placed for stands, furiture, power, sponsorship, marketting and advertising.

You can check what payments you have made and how much is still outstanding.

You can request furniture and power.

To access the portal go here:

In order to use the Exhibitor portal you must have an Exhibitor account with us. If you have one from before this should still work. You can always reset the password if you have forgotten it.

What if I dont have a login or cant remember it?

If you do not have an account please register an account here:

Make sure you activate the account by following the link in the email you will then be sent.

Then Email Richard who will link that account to your portal.

Please tell Richard the first name and the surname you used in setting up the account, the email address you used and which exhibitor you are with.

If you do not remember your account details Richard can check and tell you what the login in (but you reet passwords your self).

Furniture Requests

After you have submitted furniture requests we will lock the account so it cannot be changed.

We will then issue an invoice for the furniture.

Please submit furniture requests by 31st March 2017.

Power is booked via the Trader Portal.

Update 1st March 2017: However if you are needing power can you inform Richard immediately as we have now passed the deadline for power submissions.

Example Portal follows: