Exhibitor Listings

A List of exhibitors at this year's expo

Name Description Stand Number
2D6.EE Games A boardgame publisher from Estonia, presenting "1918: Death on the Rails" 1-H11
2Plus Games Publisher from Taiwan, featuring Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature. 2-B15
2Tomatoes Games Indie publisher from Barcelona. Will be doing demos of upcoming game "New Corp Order" 2-F6
3P Games Showcasing: Manic Planets, a strategic, back-stabbing, galactic God simulator in space! 2-B25
A-Muse-Ment Designer and publisher of strategic board games. Demoing Tales of the Northlands 1-J12
A1 Comics Scotland's best comic, toys and gaming stores, a1toys.com. 1-H8
ABC Brushes High Quality Artists brushes for miniature and model painting. Large choice - Great Value! 2-B3
Absolute Dice Designer and Manufacturer of Fast, Fun and Family Friendly Dice Games. 1-M13
Accentuate Games Award-winning game developer, showcasing their new fun and frantic word game FReNeTiC 2-A14
Adult Party Games, showcasing Random Minds Random minds is a game that’s worse than cards against humanity in all the right ways 2-B6
Adversity games Publisher of the forthcoming Nightlancer cyberpunk game. 2-G3
Aeon Games Publishing UK and European publisher of Mythras Roleplaying 2-A9
Agate Studio - Shadows of Esteren French publishers of the award-winning medieval horror RPG. 1-L12
Agate Studio - Shadows of Esteren French publishers of the award-winning medieval horror RPG. 1-M11
All Rolled Up Award-winning must-have tabletop accessories, handcrafted game rolls and folding dice tray 1-J26
Alley Cat Games Showcasing the popular game "Dice Hospital", as well as Chocolate Factory & Coral Islands 1-B6
Animal Ailments Come and play Animal Ailments - The Wild Miming Game! Wild fun for all the family! 1-C11
Anne Stokes Collection Big range of products featuring the fantasy art of Anne Stokes. Plus meet the artist. 1-K24
Anthea Slade Children's author and designer of two 3D board games 1-K10
Aporta Games Publisher of Santa Maria, Destination X, Capital Lux and more. Come see our latest games! 1-A6
Art of Andree Fantasy, comic, cartoon and board game artist. 2-D1
Art of War Studios Tokens and Terrain that make your tabletop games look great! 1-G7
Artipia Games A team of people who love to design, develop and publish board games. 1-K2
Asmodee A leader in the distribution of board games and trading card games in Europe. 1-C10
Assembly Required Boardgamer, Theo fights his problems across continents, armed only with a cardboard sword. 2-B20
Atlantis Miniatures Ltd Creators of High Quality Fantasy Resin Miniatures 1-G5
Baccum Inc We are a creative boardgame publisher, based in S.Korea. We are seeking a global partner. 1-A9
Backspindle Games Family games. Selling NEW Dance of the Fireflies and demoing MourneQuest & Speedy Ninjas 1-K12
Bad Cat Games Scottish publisher of fun-filled boardgames including ElemenZ and Gladiatores. 1-C20
Badly Drawn Death A fast paced card game filled with explosions, cake and killer rabbits 2-A20
BARPIG The Compact Adventure Party Game with a Hilarious Piggy Twist 1-K14
Basically Wooden Makers of a variety of unique wooden games and card boxes, organisers and game accessories 1-H12
Battle Systems Offers realistic 28mm sci-fi & fantasy terrain for table top gamers and collectors. 1-A14
Battlefield Hobbies An accessible, comfortable games venue and retailer located in the centre of the country. 2-X2
Battlefoam Battle Foam is the leader in storage solutions for the table top wargamingcommunity. 1-C16
Bezier Games Bezier Games, Inc. publishes a variety of fun strategy and party games 1-J22
Big Fun Games Publisher from Taiwan, featuring Harvest Island and Medical Frontier. 2-B15
Big Potato Everything from quiz games to party games, kids games to toys. 1-J11
Black Armada Games The publishers of Lovecraftesque, the GMless roleplaying game of brooding cosmic horror. 2-B2
Black Box Adventures An indie tabletop games developer and publisher from the Netherlands. 1-L5
Blackfire Games Euro-Boardgames and Accessories like Dice Towers, Playmats and Dice. 1-F5
Blood on the Clocktower An addictive new social deduction game crowdfunding late 2018. Based in Sydney, Australia 2-B19
Blue Donut Studios Ltd We are the publisher of Line The Skateboard Card Game. www.bluedonutstudios.com 2-B26
Blue Orange Hot games for a cool planet, including Kingdomino (Spiel Des Jahre '17) and Photosynthesis 1-B16
Board and Dice We do awesome board game themes! INBETWEEN Pocket Mars Multiuniversum Exoplanets 1-K2
Board Game Box Family business located in Germany and Switzerland specialising in board games. 2-D2
Board Game Crate Delivering the best, award-winning board games directly to your door, every month. 1-H10
Board Game Extras Specialists in accessories such as wooden replacement parts for Agricola and Settlers. 1-J2
Board Game Guru Stocks a wide and ever-improving range of board and card games for all ages and interests. 1-D5
BoardGamesMaker.com Online component maker. Renown no min. manufacturer for prototypes & full production runs. 1-M1
Brain Games Latvian publisher of family board games like ICECOOL, Doodle Rush, Logic Cards and other. 1-B14
Braincrack Games UK-based publishers of Downsize, Mined Out!, Farsight and Dead & Breakfast. 1-D8
Brambledown Designs Artist available to provide bespoke illustration for games and many other projects. 2-A27
Broken Mill Publisher from the Netherlands. Demoing Heroes of Tenefyr, a new coop deck-building game. 2-A5
Buckyball Games Master of Olympus 1-M5
Burley Games An independent designer, manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of board games. 1-A4
Burning Games Burning Games is publisher of high-quality, innovative RPGs and miniature games. 2-A12
Bushiroad Europe Publishers of Collectible Cards games. 2-E8
Catan Catan Studio develops and publishes Catan, the world's pre-eminent analog game brand. 1-D2
Certain Death Publishing The creator of the RPGs Pigsmoke, Plague of Storms and Gods and Monsters. 2-B2
Chaos Cards A leading retailer for collectible trading cards and accessories in the United Kingdom. 1-E6
Chaosium Inc Publisher of the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. 1-E16
Characterville We sell a massive range of very popular Geeky Jewellery and Pocket Watches 2-A6
Charity Auction Price drop board game Orctions throughout the Expo plus classic Orctions too! 1-M19
Chip Theory Games A board game experience! We promise premium components and visually stunning gameplay 2-E6
City Gate Games Creators of Last One In, a zombie-themed survival card game 1-L16
Clarendon Games A publisher of family and party board and card games founded in 2012. 2-C3
Cobra Cords A gamer's must. 2-B39
Cobra Cords A gamer's must. 1-T11
Cog 'O' Two Feed your acrylic addiction with our high quality gaming accessories. Custom products avai 1-F1
Coiledspring Games Exclusive UK distributors of some of the best games on the planet. 1-B18
Commission Figurines 2-B11
Connected Games NEW! Play across the 'net with your phone or tablet. Works with your existing miniatures 2-A4
Cosy Dice Custom Machine Embroidered Dice Bags for the Wargaming and Gaming World. 1-H4
Creative Quest Dice Book Boxes, Leather Dice Bags, Flight Stands, Dice Jails, Inspiration Tokens - RAFFLE 2-A23
Crooked Dice Game Design Wargames rules, miniatures and terrain inspired by the worlds of cult TV and film. 1-L24
Cubicle 7 The creative team behind The Doctor Who RPG and Card Game, Victoriana and many, many more. 1-A2
Cubiko Beautiful, hand-made, award winning wooden board games for all the family. 1-J14
Czech Games Edition The best games from the Czech Republic and beyond. Games designed by gamers, for gamers. 1-B2
Daedelon 2-C6
Dambusters 1-D9a
Dark Flights Fantastic pewter jewellery and ephemera designed by artist and sculptor Judy Perrin. 2-B7
Dark Orbit Games Repel Boarders a co-op space adventure fighting off the pirates attacking your ship 1-H3
Dark Sphere London Gaming Centre, Shop and Webstore. Miniatures, RPGs, boardgames and card games. 2-C15
Darkside Terrain Tech 28mm tabletop wargaming scenery and terrain sets 2-A32b
Days of Wonder Our company publishes top-quality, family-oriented board and online games that are easy to 1-A1
Decking Awesome Games An Irish board game startup developing thematic and exciting games. Come play our games 1-G20
Deep Cut Studio Leading manufacturer of game mats: largest selection, award winning designs, custom prints 1-C18
Devine Enterprises 2-B29
Devir Games A Spanish board games publisher presenting their new releases and full catalogue. 1-C13
Dice Sports Publisher of the game Z WAR ONE. 1-G12
Dicing on the cake We're working to become a boardgame cafe, but until then we are a virtual cafe online, at 2-B41
Digisprite A three person Scottish indie studio, presenting our debut game “Doomsday Bots!” 2-A17
Digital Digital Applications for hobby board and card games 1-J30
Dized Dized companion app for board games features interactive tutorials and digital content. 1-D12
DMB Games Dungeons tiles and more. 1-B4
DNAR Games UK based team presenting our new game, 'Vikings In Space' 2-C5
DnDice Premium exciting and unique metal dice plated for RPGs and tabletop wargames. 1-D9
DOA Games Makers of a new card game, 'Deaths of Athazar' 2-A25
DogEared Games Strategically chaotic games with a myriad of variations: Stak Bots, Colour Chess and Lure. 1-K6
Double L Games Makers of 'Build' a game of Deals, Diplomacy and Development 2-B23
Dragon Dawn Productions A Finnish game design studio, publisher of e.g. Perdition's Mouth and Darwinning. 1-L10
Drawlab Entertainment Visiting UKGE with Legendary Metal Coins, Mystic ScROLLs and new games and accessories 2-T7
Dungeon Scenery 2-B32
East Street Games we are an independent games company. We develop, produce and distribute board games. 2-A22
Eclectic Games Reading's only dedicated specialist games shop. 1-E3
Edventure Games An independent board game designer - two upcoming titles: Everdark & Playground Politi 2-D5
El Fenix Games Publisher of Castles & Dragons and King Arthur's Vortex Chess. 2-G5
Emmerse Studios We make Quirk!® The Family Card Game & Quirk!® Legends 1-C9
Entropic Games Publishers of the game Oligarchy. 1-L20
Esdevium Games Europe's leading distributor of hobby products. 1-B9
Everything Epic Excited to announce the world premier of Big Trouble in Little China: the Game @ UKGE '18! 1-H18
F-Side Games Hobby Game Retailer. 2-A2
Fabryka Kart Printing great card games for 70 years. Now the most modern games factory in Europe. 1-E18
Fanboy 3 2-B18
Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games is a leading hobby game company based out of Roseville, Minnesota. 1-E14
Felt Tip Publisher of Dutch Courage, a modular battle game where you build an island to fight over. 2-A26
FFG Tournaments Home to Tournaments run by FFG 2-FFG
Fickle Games Irish creators of party games that use your brain. Games of improv, humour, puns and fun. 2-G1
Firepower Games UK stockist of By Fire and Sword & Dust 1947 also Wings of Glory and Battlefront products 2-B13
Firestorm Cards Basingstoke and Online retailer of specialist Games. 1-E1
First Falling Leaf A new games publisher. Our first Award Nominated Product www.sinsrpg.uk 1-K7
Fivaside Games Designers of the all attack football card and dice game FASISAC 2-B31
Fog of Love Fog of Love, a board game that takes you through the highs and lows of a relationship. 1-C7
Forgotten Floof 1-D9a
Formal Ferret Games Formal Ferret Games is the publishing outlet for board game designer Gil Hova. 2-F2
Four Elements Designers of Four Elements - a turn-based action strategy game that is easy to learn. 2-A10
Fourth Quarter Miniatures Fourth Quarter Football American football miniatures game and GBH Fantasy Golf game. 1-M9
FRINDO SOCCER A Board game that depicts the actual game play of soccer on the field with dice 2-B10
Galactic Toys UK Collectable Toys, Games and all supplies for miniatures games. Games Workshop Stockist 2-C9
Gale Force Nine Publishing top quality board games based on licensed IP. Firefly, Star Trek and Dr. Who 1-F10
Gale Force Nine Publishing top quality board games based on licensed IP. Firefly, Star Trek and Dr. Who 1-F3
Game Brewer Publisher of family and expert Board Games 1-K13
Game on Tabletop Crowdfunding for Gamers, by Gamers 1-C8
Games Factory One of the biggest Polish publisher. Focused on the domestic and international market. 1-E9
Games Quest Famous online retailer for fulfilment, board and card games, RPGs and collectibles 1-H16
Games Workshop Long-established UK publisher of Warhammer. 1-C2
Gameslore The UK's largest online retailer. 1-T5
Gametee Ltd Beautiful Goods for Gamers 1-G14
Gamewright Create the highest quality family games with outstanding play-value. 1-B16
Gaming Books Home to Loke tabletop Battlemats & the Big Book of Battle Mats, ideal for RPG Players. 1-L8
Gareth Baker Author of thrillers and fantasy novels. 2-D4
Gaslands Gaslands is the tabletop game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem from Osprey Wargames. 2-A24
Gate Keeper Games Your #1 stop for Halfsies Dice, Tower Defense Games, & Frickin Sharks with Laser Beams! 1-A12
Gateway Games Lots of easy to learn games for beginners and more experienced players. 1-B28
GCT Studios Produce Bushido, an oriental fantasy tabletop miniatures game. 1-F14
GeekMod Polish publisher who loves to create games with specific themes (Exoplanets, Dice Brewing, 1-K2
Geeknson Producing high quality Gaming & Geek Furniture 1-D1
Geeky Clean Home of the D20 Bath Bomb! Geeky and gaming themed Soap, Bath Bombs, Candles & Cosmetics. 1-M7
Gen 42 Games Publishers of highly addictive quality and award winning board games such as Hive. 1-J16
Genki Gear Manufacture a range of T-shirts that appeal to gamers and the broader community. 1-K16
Gibsons The oldest of its kind in the UK, Gibsons is an independent, family-owned board game and p 1-B20
Giovanni Franco Sells leather books, book covers, calligraphy feathers and calligraphy accessories followi 2-D3
Grand Prix International Provides design and development, custom manufacturing, and product sourcing services. 1-K20
Grange Live Gaming Central Birmingham's newest gaming centre stocking all your gaming airsoftand LARPing ne 2-C7
Greater than Games Publisher of Sentinels of the Multiverse, Spirit Island, Compounded and other great games! 1-D16
Green Board Games GBG invent, design, produce and distribute fun and inclusive, educationally focused games. 1-B22
Grimlord Games Publisher of Endure the Stars, Village Attacks, ETS 1.5, The Everrain coming 2018 1-D7
Gutter Games UK-based publisher of fiendishly fun adult party games and drinking games 2-B4
H&Z Corporation 1-H22
HABA The games of HABA challenge, encourage and above all bring hours of enjoyment to children. 1-A5
HAL-13 A board and card game company making thematic games (Serengeti, The Red Queen) 1-L9
Hall or Nothing Delivers thematic games and world-class art where quality cannot be compromised. 1-E8
HandyCon A bi-annual open gaming Convention, with an emphasis on inclusion, fun and playing games. 2-B27
Happy Otter Games Independent game design company and makers of the Game Creature College. 1-M13
Harps Corporation Hardwood tabletop gaming accessories, hardwood gaming tables and customprojects. 1-J24
Hellions Art Artist of book cover and interior game artwork, illustration and cartography. 2-T3
Herbertz Entertainment Established in 2016, this German company develops board and card games. 1-L18
Hercules Game Studios Visit our stand to roll giant dice or to demo our games Role Quest and After London. 2-B17
HexCel Solutions Arokah - the ultimate multi-puzzle challenge for all ages. Discover the Mystery! 2-G7
Hexy Studio Polish publisher who loves to create games with specific themes (Exoplanets, Dice Brewing, 1-K2
Hidden Hoard The Pirate board game that’s a real treasure hunt. Can you find the £10,000 hoard? 2-F8
Holy Grail Games Publisher of family gem Museum and thinky strategy games DomiNations and Titan. 1-T1
Homosapiens Lab Publisher from Taiwan, featuring Songbirds, Ponzi Scheme, and Flip City. 2-B15
Hopwood Games Independent award winning designer. Demo Daring Dustbunnies. NEW GAME for 2018 - Flipside! 1-G22
Hub Games Creators of Untold, Blank, and Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr! 2-E2
Ian Livingstone Co-author of the Fighting Fantasy Series. 2-C2
IELLO Our games are rich in graphics, beautiful in design, and innovative in game play. 1-B16
Imagination Gaming Engage and educate both children and adults in fun and entertaining games. 1-B5
Immortal Gaming Greek Mythology at its best. Roll dice, draw cards, battle beasts. Will you get out alive? 2-A13
Infamy Games 2-C12
Inked Adventures Hand drawn tabletop roleplaying accessories at pocket money prices 1-K9
Inspiring Games Publisher showcasing the Legends Untold franchise and new title Lord of the Horde. 1-J20
ITB Games Indie tabletop publisher with a range of games from high fantasy to political intrigue. 1-D22
James Hayball A concept art illustrator. 2-T5
Japanime Games Japanime Games is dedicated to bringing you the finest games from Japan and beyond! 2-A16
Jashen Josson Creating board games for the Christmas season 2-B9
John Adams A huge range of games for the whole family including Rubik's, Rummikub, Othello and more! 2-C22
John Gendall Talented, experienced artist/illustrator. Scifi, fantasy and traditional realism. 2-T6
Jokercrow Indie publisher of Comic Turns: The Comic Strip Storytelling Game, run by Karen Rubins 2-A32
Juniper Games We are an innovative board game development studio, based in rural Cambridgeshire. 2-C11
Just Crunch Games Resting place of the Cthulhu Hack, rules-lite RPG of Lovecraftian horror and investigation 1-J26
JWS Europe Toy and puzzle wholesaler - est 1984 - exclusive UK distributors of V-Cubeand Inside3. 1-B7
Kakapopo UK company that design and make metal dice, deck boxes and briefcases fortabletop gaming. 1-C5
Kandibox Games 2-B12
Korona Boardgames Korona Games is a small Hungarian board game publishing company, creator of Hexpanse. 2-B35
Lamentations of the Flame Princess Publishes a brutal and wondrous Weird Fantasy tabletop role-playing game. 1-J28
Langley's Boardgames 1-K26
Laser Terrain Co 2-B30
Lay Waste Games Indie game company who brought you Dragoon and Human Era. Founded in 2014 from Boston MA. 2-C16
Lazy Juggler Sells a wide selection of hobby board and card games, ideal for all. 1-H2
Leisure Games London based specialist Games retailer. Huge range of all types of games. Also Online. 1-B1
Lion Tower Miniatures Producer of miniatures for use in tabletop RGPs. Also producing Wrathborn skirmish game 1-K1
Llama Land Range of delightfully colourful alternative gift ideas. 2-B16
LongPack Games LongPack Games provides board and card game manufacturing for game publishers. 1-L7
Lucky Duck Games Lucky Duck Game's mission is to transform popular online games into amazing tabletop ones! 1-H26
Ludicreations LudiCreations is a board game publishing studio based in Finland and present in Germany an 1-J8
Lulla Games Hungarian board game and book designer & publisher team with our latest game Crime Writers 2-B33
M44 Games An all new co-op game, where barbarians and tourists try to survive on Grim Peak. 1-K8
Mad-Dad Games New designer demoing a new game, Hyperleague Racing. There will probably be chocolate! 2-A28
Magic Geek Retailer of board games, card games, and collectable card games like Magic the Gathering. 1-J3
Magic Mad House UK’s biggest and best tabletop and TCG e-store - massive range, highly competitive price 1-K4
Maginarium 1-A3
Maginarium 1-J1
Magister Militum Supreme commander of all forces on land or sea. 1-H24
Mana Press An Aus/NZ group making games to play with miniatures & vehicles: manapress.com.au 1-H5
Mantic Games Affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games, including The Walking Dead 1-L6
Masters of Gettown The world’s first ‘full contact’ dice battling game from Earth To Games. 2-B17a
Matherson Marcault 2-B21
Medusa Games Publisher of Nine Worlds, Tinker Tailor, and Great Fire of London games 2-D2
Meeple Games Durham's new board game shop! 1-H2
MeepleMe 2-C8
Meeples Corner Online shop for the board game enthusiast. 1-G1
Mercia Books Indie publisher of fantasy and historical novels including the Northern Crown Series. 2-D4
Merlin Games UK designers and publishers of Thieves – the most exciting game of strategy and chance. 2-F12
Middle Earth Festival A family based annual event celebrating Tolkien. 2-C4
Mighty Boards Ltd Maltese publisher known for Petrichor, Vengeance, Posthuman, and the Days of Ire series. 1-K18
Mindclash Games Hungarian design team known for Anachrony, Trickerion, and Cerebria. 1-K18
Minifigure Madness 1-M3
Mleeg Boardgames 1-D9a
Moaideas Game Design Boardgame publisher from Taiwan. Publisher of Mini Rails, Tulip Bubble and Liberatores. 2-A3
Model Box The miniatures subscription box for wargamers, painters and collectors 1-K3
Modiphius Entertainment Publisher of Achtung! Cthulhu, Conan, Star Trek Adventures and Fallout Wasteland Warfare. 1-D3
Mostly Curious Games A steampunk style art company. Creating game assesories and display pieces. 2-A21
MyMiniFactory 2-B37
Mythic Games Publisher of games such as Time of Legends: Joan of Arc and the upcoming Solomon Kane 1-F12
Necrotic Gnome Old-school RPG publisher. Producer of B/X Essentials and Dolmenwood. 2-C13
Nonagon Three Limited Ultimate Games Master: The complete Role Playing, Table Top and Larp companion app. 2-A1
NSKN Games Romanian publishers of one of a kind strategy board games. 1-K2
Oathsworn Miniatures for the Burrows & Badgers skirmish game, and for the Sensible Shoes RPG range. 1-J13
Oink Games Japanese publisher. Visit our booth to play our new game "Troika" and our other games! 2-B14
One Free Elephant Small Publisher of Carcosa and ORE-SOME! Come visit us to try out our latest game MicoBrew 1-J7
Original Content London Creators of Band Manager: The Boardgame and THRONESTORM! 1-H6
Osprey Games UK based publisher offering a wide range of board games, wargames, and miniatures 1-C4
Paizo Inc. Publisher of the critically acclaimed and best-selling Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs 1-E12
Para Bellum Para Bellum Wargames is bringing to you Conquest a Mass Battle Fantasy Wargame 1-E22
Patriot Games Custom Patriot provide custom gaming accessories for the gamer, developer and artist. 1-K7
Peculiarity Home of Summoner's Isle! 2-A29
Pegasus Spiele One of Germany's largest publishers and distributors of games of all types. 1-F4
Penguin Brawl A fast-paced action card game of deception, glorious battle and penguins! 2-F10
PHALANX Publisher of HANNIBAL & HAMILCAR: Rome vs Carthage and U-BOOT The Board Game. 1-H14
Play Again Productions PlayAgain will be demoing their release planned for 2019 of Metro City Meltdown 2-C14
PlayFusion Ltd Developer of Lightseekers & Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Trading Card Games 1-D10
Playkit Games New Indie Games Design/Publisher Launching the first of our Innovative new games SENRYAKU 2-A34
Playtest UK A friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters. 2-G2
Portal Games Portal Games publishes acclaimed games like Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers and Cry Hav 1-C22
Primal Atom Games Creators of the Quest RPG and the upcoming Flatpack Vampires game 2-T9
PSC Games Publisher of military and strategy games (incl. Richard Borg, Martin Wallace & Ian Brody) 1-G8
Psychic Cactus Games Local RPG publisher of I Love the Corps, demoing Is It a Plane!? (now on Kickstarter). 2-C10
Puzzle Card Birthday cards for board game lovers. Solve the puzzles to beat the card! 1-L4
Q-Workshop Polish dice manufacturer. Offers a large variety of original designed and licensed dice. 1-G4
Quality Beast Berlin-based board game publisher, currently producing Seize the Bean & Towers of the Sun. 2-C13
Queen games German publisher of a huge range of board games including Kingdom Builder and Escape. 1-F2
Quirkative Price drop board game Orctions throughout the Expo plus classic Orctions too! 1-M19
Ragnar Brothers Ragnar Brothers’s new game 'Darien Apocalypse' + new design,'The Romans:...' 1-J10
Raku on the Board Our goal is to help people in designing and publishing their games. Join Raku Support Team 2-C8
Ralph Horsley Fantasy Artist with credits all over the industry and the artist behind the UKGE Dragon. 2-T2
Ramshackle Games Post-Apocalyptic gaming and 28mm models. £1 per figure! Come and grab some misscasts too. 1-H1
Reaper Miniatures Makers of fine gaming miniatures. Check out our Paint and Take! 2-B24
Redwell Games A new Sheffield based independent publisher of family friendly games 2-B5
Retro Plushy Games 1-M17
River Horse The creators of My Little Pony, Tails of Equestria and Jim Henson's Dark Crystal 1-B26
Robin David Card-drafting and word-building combine in the award-winning Movable Type: Second Edition. 2-G1
Rogue Artist Creations Creators of Top Hats And Treachery! Also, the biggest DICE at the Con! 2-A35
Room 17 Games Creators of Museum Rush, the award winning Flicky Spaceships and coming soon, Miremarsh 1-D6
Rose's Gaming Accesories Luxury wooden table top gaming accessories for all your gaming needs. 1-H9
Rotten Games Publisher of Kickstarter Strategy games: Off the Rails (2018) and Flippin' Fruit (2014) 1-L11
Rowan Rook and Decard Ltd Makers of accessible, beautiful, clever games, including Spire, Goblin Quest and Unbound. 2-B2
Rubicon Models Manufacture hard plastic kits for the tabletop miniature games and military modelling mark 1-K5
Rudy Games Play innovative hybrid games like the strategy game LEADERS or the family game INTERACTION 2-E4
Sabrewolf Come and play Blame Space! Kickstarting during UKGE! 1-L2
SC Skillman Author who writes contemporary thrillers and suspense fiction. 2-D4
Scorch's Pyrography Unique hand-pyrographed wooden & leather items on a fantasy & geeky theme, plus jewellery! 1-L15
Second Thunder Publisher of Open Combat, the miniature skirmish game you can play with any models. 1-A8
Sensible Object Connected games creators - makers of award winning Beasts of Balance and When in Rome. 2-C16
Shades of Vengeance Creators of the Era RPG titles and Champion of Earth. We'll be running demos all weekend. 1-B10
SheBlackDragon Professional freelance artist with many credits in the roleplaying industry. 2-T4
Shed Games Publishers of a classic Victorian dungeon game including miniatures and resin terrain. 1-C3
Shut Up & Sit Down The Best Board Game Website in the World 1-T10
Sinister Fish Games Publisher of Great Scott, Removable Sticker Set for Gloomhaven, & the upcoming Villagers. 1-G3
Slight Games Designer and publisher started by a group of friends. First game, Snitch is live in 2018 2-A7
Slitherine Software World leading publisher of PC and console strategy game 1-F7
Smiling Monster Games Board games, Swan Panasia card protection sleeves, accessories - publishing and distributi 1-B8
Solitude Enterprise Ltd 2-B8
Spidermind Games Creators of the Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game and Elite Dangerous Battle Cards 1-A11
Spiral Galaxy Games Spiral Galaxy Games publishes and distributes board and card games to the UK, Europe, and 1-J6
Square Enix Experience FINAL FANTASY TCG for the 1st time at UKGE! Visit us in Hall 2 for a free kit 2-X1
Square Hex Publish Oubliette: an old school fantasy magazine and a range of paper accessories. 1-K11
Square Orange Games 1-L13
Steamforged Games Creators of Guild Ball - A tabletop fantasy medieval football game. 1-E4
Steve Jackson Games 1-D18
Stuff by Bez The best partygame of physical constraints. The best-curated game system. Cat gallery. :-p 1-T9
Super Hero Gear Sell cosplay items and costumes. 2-A36
Surprised Stare Games We design and publish board and card games that are surprisingly original! 1-T8
Swimax Ltd SWIMZANIA - The Interactive Educational Swimming Race Board Game! 2-B1
Syrinscape Epic games need epic sound! Let Syrinscape bring your games to life on PC,MAC and mobile. 1-D11
Tabletop Gaming Publishers of Hobby Magazines including Tabletop Gaming Magazine. 1-J18
Tabletop Tyrant A retailer and manufacturer of tabletop games and accessories, including storage foam and 2-F1
Taiwan Board Game Design Publisher from Taiwan. Hub for Taiwanese designers. 2-B15
Tee Turtle 2-C18
Thames and Kosmos Award winning selection of strategy and family games from German publisher Kosmos. 1-J4
The Amazing Mystery Boxes https://www.theamazingmysterybox.com/ 1-D20
The Bespoke Geek Cosplay for every day. 1-B3
The Boardroom Games Board game cafe based in Hull. Board Games, craft beer, snacks. www.boardroomgames.co.uk 1-M15
The Brotherhood Games Ltd 2-A38
The CCG & Boardgame Social Card games and Board games for every gamer. 1-L1
The City of Games We design and publish games focusing on immersive themes, fun mechanics and beautiful comp 1-D4
The Clockwork Tea Party Bespoke Steampunk hats and jewellery, assorted Victoriana accessories. 1-T7
The Cognitive Merchant We make handcrafted bespoke gaming accessories for TTRPG, including our All-in-One GM Kit. 2-A15
The Dice Tower The Dice Tower is a weekly audio podcast about board games co-hosted by Tom Vasel. 1-J32
The Diceshop Online The largest retailer of dice in the world! 1-T6
The Hellfire Club Announcing The Old Hellfire Club - A hilarious storytelling game set in Victorian London! 2-A19
The Historic Games Shop Authentic historic board games plus board and dice games inspired by history and folklore. 1-G16
The Noble Artist Artwork for sale from the Hero Master range, and demo of the new Hero Master board game 1-H7
The Printers Guild 2-A32a
The Role Play Haven We raise money for charity while rolling dice! 1-C6
The Spirit A new Zine covering all aspects of Games/Gaming - Launch issue available as FREE download 2-D4
The Television and Movie Store Cover all aspects of pop culture 1-D20
The Wood Games Born in Taiwan, based in Berlin, The Wood Games believe board games are an art that you ca 2-C13
TheGarageGamer Sharing a real passion for board games. 1-C14
Themeborne Publisher of Escape the Dark Castle - the game of atmospheric adventure. 1-E20
Thirsty Meeples Board Game Café The UK’s original board game café with over 2,500 games to play and online retailer 1-B12
Thunder Vault Believe in creating engaging and memorable board games and graphic novels. 1-E7
ThunderGryph 1-H20
Tinkerbot Games WIN PRIZES - Win Games, Dice or Be In Our Next Game! 2-T8
Titan Forge Board games + quality miniatures. See Lobotomy survival horror RPG & themed resin armies! 1-E10
Toon Hammer Creators of tabletop games and silly webcomics. First game Gobblin' Goblins out now 2-A8
Torchlight Candles Torchlight Candles are high definition character candles that bleed when they burn! 2-A18
Travelling Man Specialist boardgame, RPG, CCG, and comic retailer, with 4 stores in the north of England. 1-G6
Triple Ace Games Publisher of innovative and fun roleplaying games, card games and board games! 1-F6
Tritex Games Retailer of wargaming and roleplaying miniatures and specialist family games. 1-G2
Troll Trader / TTCOMBAT MDF Scenery, Resin kits & Miniatures, Carnevale, RUMBLESLAM Dropzone & Dropfleet Commander 1-F8
Turtle Dream Games Irish makers of Dare to Dream, an asymmetric game of heroic toys vs. hordes of monsters! 2-G1
Twilight Creations Inc Publisher of horror-themed board games, including the award-winning Zombies!!! 2-F4
Twogether Studios 2-B18
Tyr Terrain a company selling Sci-fi and Fantasy terrain at reasonable prices to fill you tables 2-A30
UFO Press Ltd A publisher of RPGs that take you to new worlds, including Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2-B2
Ulisses Spiele Witness a handful of Germans and one US citizen at the Ulisses Spiele stand, that will tal 1-D24
Ultra Pro International Manufacturer and supplier of gaming accessories, board games, card games and party games. 2-D7
Unstable Unicorns 2-C18
Vesuvius Media Dedicated to providing high-quality games in all platforms and media! 1-L17
Vincent Fantasy Art Amazing, affordable original fantasy artwork-from £10-£250 . Meet published artist Lee. 1-L3
War Banner A new company to the wargaming industry, producers of the new skirmish game 'Gangs of Rome 1-G18
Warcradle Studios Makers of Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars. Distributor of a wide range of games. 1-D14
Warfactory.eu Dust 1947 - game set in alternative timeline of walkers, lasers and powerful superheroes . 1-L22
Warlord Games 28mm historical and sci-fi wargames miniatures. 1-C1
Warm Acre Publisher of Game of Blame and Spy or Die Trying. Play Jane Austen's Matchmaker with us! 1-L2
Wattsalpoag Publisher of Jet Set, Claim It, and many more. We will debut Echidna Shuffle at UKGE 2018. 1-B24
Wild Card Games Award winning publisher of many Top selling inclusive and addictive Family Games 2-C1
WIZAMA We design a brand new BOARD GAME CONSOLE and imagine new ways of playing together 2-B22
WizKids Publisher of HeroClix, Dice Masters, Attack Wing, miniatures, & assorted board games! 1-E2
Wolff Designa Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA publisher. 1-A10
Word Forge Games Word Forge Games is the company behind the Devil's Run franchise and CheekZ, the battling 1-G12
Wotan Games Games publisher from 25 years ago that relaunched in 2013. 1-G10
Wreck and Ruin Post-apocalyptic vehicle violence: shoot, ram and wreck your way to victory! 1-K22
Wren Games Designing intuitive and easy-to-learn tabletop games. Assembly is on kickstarter now. 2-A33
Xi Cards Xi Cards, the UK-based strategic fantasy card game. 1-L14
Yay Games Making quirky and original games Frankenstein's Bodies and Sandcastles. 1-J9
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Experienced marketing specialists with a single goal in mind; to facilitate fun and games. 2-B34
Z-Man Games Z-Man Games has published many critically-acclaimed games with a wide variety of themes 1-K28
Zvata Studios Creators of Innovative and Experiential Games and Content from India 2-A11