Exhibitor Listings

A List of exhibitors at this year's expo

Name Description Stand Number
2Tomatoes Games Indie publisher from Barcelona. Will be doing demos of upcoming game "New Corp Order" 1-592
A1 Comics 1-227
Absolute Dice Designer and Manufacturer of Fast, Fun and Family Friendly Dice Games. 1-168
Accentuate Games Award-winning game developer, showcasing their new fun and frantic word game FReNeTiC 1-578
Adversity Games Publisher of the forthcoming Nightlancer cyberpunk game. 2-573
Aegir Games 2-324
Aether Void Aether Void is a tabletop RPG combining the best of Fantasy, Steampunk and SciFi. 2-396
All Rolled Up Award-winning must-have tabletop accessories, handcrafted game rolls and folding dice tray 1-266
Alley Cat Games 1-936
Allingham Games 1-287
Animal Ailments Come and play Animal Ailments - The Wild Miming Game! Wild fun for all the family! 1-370
Anne Stokes Fantasy artist Anne Stokes will be signing. Plus loads of products and art prints. 1-337
Ares Games 1-302
Arkenforge 2-507
Art Of Andree Fantasy, comic, cartoon and board game artist. 2-665
Art of War 1-278
Art of War Shirts Unique and striking T-shirts for gamers,re-enactors and lovers of military history. 2-470
Artis Opus Limited 1-677
Asmodee A leader in the distribution of board games and trading card games in Europe. 1-652
Asmodee Digital 2-558
Atlantis Miniatures 1-1121
Backspindle Games 2-555
Bad Cat Games Scottish publisher of fun-filled boardgames including ElemenZ and Gladiatores. 1-565
BARPIG The Compact Adventure Party Game with a Hilarious Piggy Twist 1-691
Basically Wooden 1-244
Battlefoam 1-985
Beanie Games 2-317
Bear Bros Gaming 2-696
Bezier Games Bezier Games, Inc. publishes a variety of fun strategy and party games 1-152
Big Potato Everything from quiz games to party games, kids games to toys. 1-382
Black Armada Games The publishers of Lovecraftesque, the GMless roleplaying game of brooding cosmic horror. 2-628
Black Box Adventures An indie tabletop games developer and publisher from the Netherlands. 1-693
Blackrock Games 1-665
Blue Donut Studios 2-445
Board Game Crate Delivering the best, award-winning board games directly to your door, every month. 1-305
Board Game Extras 1-202
Board Game Guru 2-T1
Board Games Maker Online component maker. Renown no min. manufacturer for prototyping & full production 1-366
Board&Dice We aim to make interesting, deep and diverse games, each being a unique experience. 1-506
BoDa Game Ltd Highly experienced and longstanding manufacturer in the board and card game industry. 1-1123
Brain Games 1-940
Braincrack Games 1-836
Brambledown Designs Artist available to provide bespoke illustration for games and many other projects. 2-458
Brother Vinni 2-477
Burley Games 1-1008
Burning Games 2-543
Bydand Design 1-160
Call-to-Mind 2-385
Cardboard&Coffee Games Designer. I'll be playtesting/demo'ing 3 games: X Arrr!, Retro, and Nuts And Bots. 1-424
Cards of Fate 2-449
Cerberus Studios Design studio of highly detailed miniatures for fantasy tabletop games. 2-466
Certain Death Publishing The creator of the RPGs Pigsmoke, Plague of Storms and Gods and Monsters. 2-628
Chaos Cards 1-314
Chaosium 1-484
Characterville We sell a massive range of very popular Geeky Jewellery and Pocket Watches 1-144
Chip Theory Games 2-201
Clever Unicorn Ltd 2-425
Clye and Cart Press 2-471
CMON 2-502
Cog 'O' Two Feed your acrylic addiction with our high quality gaming accessories. Custom products avai 1-684
Coiledspring Games A leading UK distributor of some of the world’s best games, puzzles and jigsaws. 1-960
Comic Turns 1-559
Cosy Dice 1-632
Creative Quest Hand crafted RPG accessories, Dice Book Boxes & Bags, Flight stands, Healing Potions.... 1-273
Crooked Dice 1-108
Cubiko 1-557
Czech Games Edition The best games from the Czech Republic and beyond. Games designed by gamers, for gamers. 2-418
D.Taylor Woodworking 1-192
Dave Hawes Produce the 10mm scale sci-fi massed battle game, Dropzone Commander. 2-581
Days of Wonder Publishes top-quality, family-oriented board and online games. 1-1102
Decking Awesome Games An Irish board game startup developing thematic and exciting games. Come play our games 1-236
Deep Cut Studios 1-979
Dice Sports Publisher of the game Z WAR ONE. 1-361
DigiSprite Publisher of Doomsday Bots, presenting our next game - Adventure Mart! 2-346
DJECO DJECO offers a range of classic and original games for children and families 1-1183
DnDice Premium exciting and unique metal dice plated for RPGs and tabletop wargames. 1-880
Dongguan HongSheng Printing Company 1-527
Draw Lab Entertainment 2-407
Draw Lab Entertainment 1-467
Dream Big Games Demoing Wreck and Ruin, the home of post-apocalyptic vehicle miniature violence! 2-636
Drink Drank Drunk The Game of Mis-Beer-Having! 2-340
DungeonCraft 2-579
East Street Games we are an independent games company. We develop, produce and distribute board games. 2-320
Eclectic Games 1-864
Ed's Gaming Emporium 2-481
Edge Hill University 1-108
Eldritch Rach Artist & Creator 2-406
Elzra Corps 2-569
Emmerse Studios 1-1091
EpicDungeonTiles Bring your adventures to life. Dungeon tiles & Accessories. 2-469
Esdevium Games 1-1092
ET Games 1-1136
F-Side Games Hobby Game Retailer. 2-498
Fabryka Kart Trefl 1-799
Fanboy 3 2-673
Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games is a leading hobby game company based out of Roseville, Minnesota. 2-510
Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games is a leading hobby game company based out of Roseville, Minnesota. 2-536
Firestorm Cards 1-1011
Firestorm Cards 2-654
First Falling Leaf Ltd 1-454
Flatpack Forces 2-497
Floodgate Games Makers of Sagrada, Bosk, Vault Wars, Epic Resort & Legacy: Gears of Time. 2-336
Fog of Love 1-976
Formal Ferret Games Formal Ferret Games is the publishing outlet for board game designer Gil Hova. 2-402
Galactic Knights Star Wars Costumes and Props on dipslay 2-398
Gale Force Nine 1-768
Game Envy 2-368
Game on Tabletop 2-112
Games Lore 1-T8
Games Quest 1-520
Games Workshop 1-802
Gametee 1-908
Gaming Books 1-426
Gateway Games Lots of easy to learn games for beginners and more experienced players who wish to learn. 1-892
GCT Studios 1-327
Geeknsons 1-842
Geeky Clean 1-1132
Gen 42 1-1027
Genki Gear 1-241
Gibsons 1-992
Gingerbread Games 1-164
Goodman Games 2-666
Grand Gamers Guild 2-457
Grand Prix International 1-184
Greater Than Games Publisher of Sentinels of the Multiverse, Spirit Island, Compounded and other great games! 1-852
Grimlord Games 1-998
Grimwood Games 2-380
Grizzly Games 2-484
Gutter Games UK-based publisher of fiendishly funny party games and drinking games 1-240
Haba 1-952
Hall or Nothing Hall Or Nothing Productions delivers thematic tabletop card and board games with world-cla 1-1016
Harps Corps 1-445
Helion's Art Artist of book cover and interior game artwork, illustration and cartography. 2-680
High Rollers Weekly Dungeons & Dragons show on the Yogscast Twitch channel! 2-399
Holy Grail games 1-T11
Hub Games Creators of Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr, Blank, and MegaCity: Oceania! 2-211
Hydroglyph Games 2-478
Immortal Gaming Greek Mythology at its best. Roll dice, draw cards, battle beasts. Will you get out alive? 1-288
Intuitive Games 2-324
itten, LLC. 2-348
James Hayball Art A concept art illustrator and artist. 2-678
Jason Anarchy Games 2-486
John Adams Leisure Ltd A huge range of games for the whole family including Rubik's, Rummikub, Othello and more! 2-319
John Newport 2-480
Jonathan Green Freelance writer of speculative fiction, well known for contributions to the Fighting Fant 2-640
Just Crunch Games Resting place of the Cthulhu Hack, rules-lite RPG of Lovecraftian horror and investigation 1-266
JWS Europe 1-1086
K-Play International Ltd 1-1093
Kakapopo Ltd UK company that design and make metal dice, deck boxes and briefcases fortabletop gaming. 1-299
Kasagai 1-490
Kixto Ltd 1-596
Knight Models 2-580
Kosmos Games 1-602
Kraken Wargames 2-354
Lamentations of the Flame Princes 1-257
Lesiure Games 1-1026
Lightseekers 1-614
Lion Tower Miniatures 1-235
Lonely Red Planet 2-439
Lucky Duck Games 1-628
Ludonova 2-374
LunaLynes Illustration 2-372
Magister Militum Supreme commander of all forces on land or sea. 1-797
Mantic Games Outstanding Wargames miniatures and tabletop games, inc Hellboy & The Walking Dead 1-574
Medusa Games Publisher of Nine Worlds, Tinker Tailor, and Great Fire of London games 2-665
Meeple Games 2-448
Meeples Corner Online shop for the board game enthusiast. 2-302
Melsonian Arts Council 1-261
Mercia Books Indie publisher of fantasy and historical novels including the Northern Crown Series. 2-566
Merlin Games 1-1083
Micro Art Studios 2-646
Mindjammer Press 1-566
Miniature Man Miniatures 2-614
Mizo Games 1-724
Moaideas Game Design 1-174
Modiphius Entertainment Modiphius Entertainment 1-552
Mon Chaton Range of delightfully colourful alternative gift ideas. 1-277
Morag Hickman Jewellery and Sculpture Handmade original jewellery, sculpture and unique jigsaw puzzles ready to hang on the wall 1-291
Mottokrosh Machinations 1-196
Mozi Co Ltd 1-174
My Mini Factory Ltd 1-346
Mythic Games 1-902
Natural Twenty Gaming Tables 2-353
Naylor Games 2-T3
Nightfall Games 1-361
Ningbo Yinzhou Gameland Import & Export Co., Ltd 1-470
Nuts! Publishing Nuts! Publishing will release in 2019 two games in English, Mini Rogue and Saigon '75. 2-539
Oathsworn Miniatures for the Burrows & Badgers skirmish game, and for the Sensible Shoes RPG ran 1-228
Oink Games 1-1018
One Free Elephant Scottish Indie publisher of ORE-SOME, Carcosa and our new game Microbrew. 2-310
Onyx Path Publishing 1-286
Original Content London 1-683
Osprey games 1-927
Other Dimensions 1-894
Paizo Publisher of the critically acclaimed and best-selling Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs 1-638
Panda Game Manufacturing 1-357
Para Bellum Wargames 1-778
Patriot Games 1-262
Peculiarity Home of Summoner's Isle! 1-214
Pegasus Spiele One of Germany's largest publishers and distributors of games of all types. 2-204
Pegasus Spiele One of Germany's largest publishers and distributors of games of all types. 2-306
Pelgrane Press 1-594
Peruke Games 1-162
Phalanx 2-205
Philip S. Davies Author of Destiny's Rebel, Destiny's Revenge and Destiny's Ruin. 2-566
Physical Gaming ltd. Designers of Four Elements - a turn-based action strategy game that is easy to learn. 2-692
Pirates of Penryn (SeaGriffin Games) 60 scurrilous crew, twelve 'orrible rums, and an eccentric seamonster. Tentacular fun. 1-285
Plaid Hat 1-784
Play For Keeps 2-577
Plug N Play 2-465
Portal Games 2-552
ProFantasy Software Ltd 1-697
PSC Games Publisher of military and strategy games (incl. Richard Borg, Martin Wallace & Ian Bro 1-252
Puzzle Card Birthday cards for board game lovers. Solve the puzzles to beat the card! 1-154
Pwork Wargames 2-365
Quality Beast Berlin-based board game publisher, currently producing Seize the Bean & Towers of the 1-282
Queen Games 1-502
R&R Games 2-694
Ralph Horlsey Fantasy Artist with credits all over the industry and the artist behind the UKGE Dragon. 2-674
Reaper Miniatures Makers of fine gaming miniatures. Check out our Paint and Take! 2-335
Red Knight Toy Group Ltd 1-240
Red Scar Publishing 1-361
Renegade Game Studios 1-514
Revealation Games 2-350
River Horse The creators of My Little Pony, Tails of Equestria and Jim Henson's Dark Crystal 1-846
Rock Paper Cynic 1-267
Rogue Artist Creations 1-458
Role 4 Initiative 2-330
Room 17 Games 1-828
Rowan Rook and Decard Ltd Makers of accessible, beautiful, clever games, including Spire, Goblin Quest and Unbound. 2-628
Rubicon Models 1-269
Sabrewolf Games Come and try or games before you buy! 2-656
Sandor Agota 1-523
Sarissa Precision 1-494
Sc Skillman Author who writes contemporary thrillers and suspense fiction. 2-566
Scale 75 1-126
Seajay Games 2-473
Shades of Vengeance Creators of the Era RPG titles and Champion of Earth. We'll be running demos all weekend. 2-401
Shadowborne Games If you go down to the woods today... 1-821
Shadows of Esteren 1-251
Sharkee Games 1-492
SheBlackDragon Professional freelance artist with many credits in the roleplaying industry. 2-684
Sidekick Games 1-232
Sinister Fish Games 2-412
Something for the Geekend 2-317
SonicSowleGames 2-476
SoulMuppet Publishing 1-896
Spiral Galaxy games 1-114
Spirit Games 1-136
Square Enix Europe 2-542
Squarehex 1-256
Starry Games Manufacturer 1-789
Stronghold Games and Indie Boards and Cards 2-436
Stuff by Bez 1-T3
Sunset Games 2-472
Surprised Stare Games 1-T5
Syeknom Games Come & play one of the best 2 player strategy games you will ever play 2-378
Syrinscape Epic games need epic sound! Let Syrinscape bring your games to life on PC,MAC and mobile. 1-673
Tabletop Crafter 2-370
Tabletop Tyrant A retailer and manufacturer of tabletop games and accessories, including storage foam and 2-316
Taiwan Board Game Design 2-565
Team Kraken Custard 1-377
Tee Turtle Creators of nerdy shirts, games, plushies, socks, and other fun pop culture accessories. 1-731
The Brotherhood Games Ltd 2-683
The Champion of the Wild The unique social card game about animal coaching, as recommended by Shut Up and Sit Down 2-405
The City of Games 1-730
The Clockwork Tea Party 1-T4
The Crafting Jones 2-610
The Crafty Footballer Designer showcasing TAC-TICS, a quick play football card game for families and friends. 2-493
The Dice Shop online 1-T6
The Great Alcatraz Escape The Great Alcatraz Escape - showcased prior to Kickstarter Launch. Come see and play. 1-553
The Historic Games Shop Historic games from the Romans to 18th century and games inspired by history and folklore. 1-589
The Printers Guild 2-395
The Role Play Haven 1-468
The Secret Cat Shop 2-460
The Spirit A new Zine covering all aspects of Games/Gaming - Launch issue available as FREE download 2-566
The Thornless Rose Home of the D20 Dice Bag Kit. Live Action to Table top, Leather work to suit your Style. 2-494
The Ultimate Games Master Ultimate Games Master: The complete Role Playing, Table Top and Larp companion app. 1-884
The World of Legend 1-294
THEGarage Gamer 1-561
Themeborne 1-792
Tiffany Crosara Ltd 1-142
Tinkerbot Games 2-T2
Tompet Games 2-324
Toon Hammer 2-449
Travelling man 1-434
Triple Ace Games Publisher of innovative and fun roleplaying games, card games and board games! 1-102
Tritex Games 1-402
TTCombat 1-334
Twilight Creations Publisher of horror-themed board games, including the award-winning Zombies!!! 2-440
Tyr Terrain a company selling Sci-fi and Fantasy terrain at reasonable prices to fill you tables 2-321
UFO Press A publisher of RPGs that take you to new worlds, including Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2-628
UKGE Family Zone A place for families to play games together. 1-1052
Ultrapro 2-202
Vesuvius Media 1-376
Vincent Fantasy Art 1-156
War Banner A new company to the wargaming industry, producers of the new skirmish game 'Gangs of Rome 1-494
Warfactory Dust 1947 - game set in alternative timeline of walkers, lasers and powerful superheroes . 2-453
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions 1-738
Warlord Games 1-912
Wattsalpoag 1-928
Wayland Games 1-752
White Wizard 1-864
Wizkids Award-winning games, miniatures & other products featuring the world’s leading licenses. 1-536
Word Forge Games Word Forge Games is the company behind the Devil's Run franchise and CheekZ, the battling 1-361
Wotan Distribution 1-214
Wren Games Designing intuitive, easy to learn cooperative games. Our first title is: Assembly. 2-624
Xi Cards 1-460
Yay Games 1-343
Z-Man Games Canadian-based board game publisher. 1-352
Zatu Zatu Games is a fast becoming the UK’s favourite (and most affordable!) online retailer. 1-916
Zombunny Designs 2-597