Be someone else for the day...

What’s it all about?

Uk Games Expo Reenactors and Cosplay!

Bigger, better, and packing a whole ton of stuff to do!

Always a popular part of UK Games Expo, the costumed groups attending this year will be coming from one of the darkest realms of fantasy and one of the most heroic periods of history. Our cosplayers will be bringing games to life as characters from films, tv and anime and will be joined by a bunch of hairy Vikings and even hairier wolfdogs.

The groups include Galactic Knights, Thanet Cosplay, The Cosplay Club, Kemir Armouries, Mercenary Makes and many independent cosplayers.

The costumed groups - aka cosplayers at UK Games Expo are all part of the fun and have been gradually expanding year on year. Between them they raise money for the UK games expo charities.

In 2017 all the commission that UKGE took from the Bring & Buy and collected by these groups and taken on the maths trade (around £9000) was donated to charities chosen by these groups and that will apply again this year.

We want you to be part of the fun! Visitors, including families and children are all welcome to attend in costume. We want UK Games Expo to be a super massive collection of every kind of cosplay and costume you can imagine:
• Anime?
• Gaming?
• Re-enactment?
• Original characters
• Book Characters
• Comics?
• Disney?
Super realistic, space alien fighting, laser wielding hamsters......

Kemir Armouries have donated awesome armour art crafted by Kyr’Am herself which will be raffled for the UK games expo charities, tickets can be bought from the cosplayer at the entrance to hall 1, and in the cosplay zones.

Steampunk Costumes are also most welcome to UK Games Expo, so don your topper, dig out your bow tie, find your petticoats and come to this glorious weekend, the tea is on.

Costume, Props and Weapons Policy

Whatever it is you’re into, we want to see it! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a onesie-wearing-wonder woman or a resin-cast roman renegade; Cosplay is about the love of costuming and being able to be whoever you want to be, however you want to be them! (Please be aware that this is a family-friendly event so let’s keep the slave Leia’s covered as much as possible.)

We all want to be safe so please read the UK Games Expo policy on safe and appropriate cosplay and reenactors costumes, props and weapons.

So, “What Cosplay activities are going on?” I hear you cry, well gather round people, because I’m about to tell you!

Cosplay Zone @ UK Games Expo

The UKGE cosplay and reenactors will share an exciting Cosplay Zone in the UK Games Expo Trade Hall 1 and there will be living villages outside for you to visit.There will be the chance for under tens to have a try at being a Viking or an Orc, for the bigger ones amongst you there are plenty of photo opportunities and a treasure hunt for everyone to enjoy as well as wolfdogs to see.

In Hall 1 Tardis will materialise (for safety reasons specified by Time Lord Law, this has to occur on the thursday before you arrive - sorry about that) the Daleks will be present until Saturday evening but they are evacuating before Missey and the twelfth Doctor arrive on Sunday.

Cosplay Competition @ UK Games Expo

The UKGE cosplay competition aims to reward and encourage great costumes as well as enthusiasm. There will be prizes for adults and children.

We will be using a method used by Thanet Cosplay which has run cosplay competitions all over the country, and has a tried and tested method of making sure that every costume has a fair and just judging.

All costumes are judged on a number of different criteria including little details, big details, hard bits, soft bits, work on hair and make up, complexity, how the whole costume looks as a whole, and even how in character you are! We try to take as much as we can into account so that you’re whole costume is considered.

Please note: We absolutely do not judge anyone on their gender(s), shape, size, skin colour(s), ethnicity, sexuality(ies), age or disability, and we have a zero tolerance policy on bullying of any kind. Anyone found bullying will be disqualified from the cosplay competition and ejected from the show

To enter the competition: head over to the cosplay desk on:

Friday 1030-1330, and the main stage for 15.00
Saturday 1030-1330, and the main stage 16.00
Sunday 10.00-13.00, and the main stage for 14.00

You will need to give us your name, age, a contact method and be there for the main stage parade on the day you enter. We will also take some pics of your costume in the cosplay zone.

If you are cosplaying as your own character please bring us some information about your character as well.
If you are under 16 you must have a parent/guardians consent and if you are under 14 they must be with you.

The Cosplay competition results are announced on the main stage after the cosplay parade each afternoon.

Cosplay Masquerade @ UK Games Expo

Cosplay is largely about dressing up and having fun, but a lot of people put a lot of effort into their costumes, spending hundreds of pain staking hours fixating on tiny details and sacrificing their social life and bank balance to do so. With that in mind, we think it’s only fair that we give them a chance to show their masterpiece off to an audience of adoring fans and allow them to be in the spotlight for a bit.

That is why we host the Cosplay Masquerade. A cat walk type show where cosplayers of any kind can strut their stuff, and allow everyone an unhindered look at their amazing creation.

Photographers are allowed to take as many photographs as they like of the costumes during the parade, but we ask that the photographer do their best to get in touch with the model to share their photos or even share them on the U.K. games expo Facebook Page. Please ask cosplayers for photos during the day no one wants a picture taken when they aren’t ready.

Cosplay Masquerades are held daily in the afternoons at the main stage.

Saturday Birmingham fursuiters meet 1-3 on Saturday and 2-3 on Sunday.
Please speak to the cosplay team in cosplay zone 1 or 2 if you need help or space to change into your fur suit.

The fur suiters meet will be hosted by Kiba Spiritstone.

Scheduled Slots in the Cosplay Zones

Scheduled slots in the cosplay zones

Outside in the living villages:
1000 - You will be able to collect your Viking Scavenger Hunt sheets from 10am.
12.00-13.00 - Mini Viking training for under 10s
14.00- 15.00 - Orc training for the under 10s
1530-1630 - Battle of the Vikings

Inside the cosplay zones in hall 1:
1030-1330 - Enter the cosplay competition
From 11.00 - You are able to meet James from James and his monsters who will be sculpting live in the cosplay zone.
1030-1130 - Mercenary makes EVA armour making demo in the cosplay zone
1200 - Character meet and greet in the cosplay zone
1500 - Cosplay parade at the main stage
1530-1630 Kemir Armouries Demonstration


Outside in the living villages:
1000 You will be able to collect your Viking Scavenger Hunt sheets from 10am
1115-1145 - The Rothgar Storytelling Session - an interactive Viking Dramatic Story.
1200-1300 - Mini Viking Training for the under 10s
1300- 1400 - Birmingham Fursuiters Meet hosted by Kiba Spiritstone.
1400-1500 - Orc Training Session for the under 10s
1545-1645 - The battle of the vikings

Inside the cosplay zones in hall 1:
1030-1330 Enter the cosplay competition
1030-1130 Kemir armouries demonstrate armour making
1100-1200 Meet and greet with James Burgess and his Dalek’s
1330-1430 Mercenary makes EVA demo
1500 - Cosplay parade at the main stage -all welcome


Outside in the living villages:
1000 You will be able to collect your Viking Scavenger Hunt sheets from 10am
1130-1230 - orc training for the under10
1230-1330 - Viking training for 10s
1300- 1400 - Birmingham Fursuiters Meet hosted by Kiba Spiritstone.
1345-1445 - The battle of the vikings

Inside the cosplay zones in hall 1:
1000-1300 - Enter the cosplay competition
1030-1130 - Mercenary makes EVA demonstration
1100-1130 - Character meet and greet
1130-1230 - Kemir Armouries armour making demonstration
1400-1500 - Cosplay parade on the main stage
1500 - Kemir Armouries armour raffle


Cosplay 101 @ UK Games Expo

Cosplay 101 is a series of talks about certain aspects of costuming that we’ve found are frequently asked questions, these are all beginner level talks and will cover a range of topics from “What is Cosplay?” to “My wig is the demon offspring of the collective evil of the universe… Help!?” (It sounds extreme, but if you’ve ever had a cosplay wig, then you know the struggle is real!)

These talks are just what the doctor ordered if you are:

There will be a Q&A session too so, if there is anything you’re unsure about that we haven’t covered then you can ask our panel who are a diverse and strange lot who between them have a wealth of knowledge, unseen outside of an episode of QI … (I may be lying about the QI thing, but they are pretty smart!)

Time table of our talks follows soon.

Cosplay Photography @ UK Games Expo

Coming to a convention, (especially one as amazing and diverse as UK Games Expo) is a great way to display your costume to a whole new audience, or to have your photo taken, if you would like to get your picture taken head over to the cosplay zone where we have backdrops and lighting to help you make the most of your costume

Cosplay Repairs and Help @ UK Games Expo

Have a run in with an Ent (or the stupid hedge outside)?
Did the ground open up beneath you thanks to a mage, warlock (or gravity)?
Well, then you are in luck, because our fantastic Costume healers and The Cosplay Forge LLP are here to help you! Using arcane magicks and a lot of hot glue, we have a repair for just about every costume imaginable. Hard repairs, soft repairs, flexi repairs, we have a cure-all for it all!
Like the good ol’ NHS this is a free service, however, donations are always welcome which will go direct to the UK games expo charities.