Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Catalyst Game Labs are Associate Sponsors of UKGE 2024

13 December, 2023

Proud to be a first-time sponsor and attendee for the UK Games Expo, Catalyst Game Labs is the company behind the fan-favorite tabletop games Shadowrun, BattleTech, and Dragonfire. As well as all-new games such as Centurion and Seasons of Arcadia.

For UK Games Expo, alongside a plethora of swag, including plushies, mugs, and dice, Catalyst brings the fan-favorite ForcePack: UrbanMech Lance, for all your urban combat needs. For players looking to pack a bigger punch, ForcePack: Proliferation Cycle contains a selection of the earliest BattleMechs in the setting. A selection of Premium Miniatures, such as the venerable Rifleman, the iconic Phoenix Hawk, and the stylish Eris, will also be available.

The Sixth World comes to Europe in the Shadowrun: Sixth World Core Rulebook: City Edition: Berlin, containing a whole section devoted to art, fiction, contacts, and plot hooks for the city, alongside everything else you need to build and play a runner. Fresh off a successful Kickstarter, Shadowrun: Edge Zone is an upgradable card game that has players pit their shadowrunners against their chooms to complete objectives and gain rep and become the best Fixer in Seattle.

In addition to these blockbuster games, Catalyst will be bringing a wide selection of rule books, splat books, and fiction to the Expo. Featuring prolific authors such as Michael Stackpole, Bryan Young, Russell Zimmerman, Jennifer Brozek, Bryan CP Steele, and more!

Don’t miss out - follow us on socials at Catalyst Game Labs to hear about all the releases.

“Last May I reconnoitered the UK Games Expo,” said Randall N. Bills, Creative Director of Catalyst Game Labs. “ I walked the floor, interviewed other game companies and spoke with attendees. And I knew Catalyst had to attend in 2024. We’ve got a big booth coming and I’m so incredibly excited to meet our communities in the UK as I’ve not done since the late 90s.”