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Alley Cat Games are back as Associate Sponsors of UKGE 2024

6 December, 2023

Alley Cat Games is excited to be back as an associate sponsor of UKGE 2024.

“UKGE is always a great convention and opportunity to show and play our newest releases. We can’t wait to welcome you to our stand at UKGE 2024!”

We publish a broad range of games at Alley Cat Games from our compact but bursting with fun tin games like Kittin and Tinderblox all the way up to our showstoppers such as Arborea, Amun Re, and Calimala. We also have great party games and essentials for any collection, like Rome in a Day and Phantom Ink. With so much on offer, we have a game for everyone!

Christmas is coming!

At Alley Cat Games we’re celebrating the holiday season with a Winter Launch Event for our new UNFOLD series, featuring 2 titles, Dark Story and Victim of the Pyramid. UNFOLD is an escape style game, including unique secret puzzles and tools, all contained within a novel envelope style packaging which unfolds as you progress through the story.

We’re also launching the new Side Quest expansion for Paper Dungeons. Bringing deeper, deadlier dungeons to explore, bigger, badder monsters to fight and of course, new side quests offering different paths to reward and glory.

Grab your copy before the official retail launch in January!


UK Games Expo 2024

We’re delighted to be sponsoring this year’s UKGE as an associate sponsor and we’re super excited to be bringing Paper Dungeons Side Quest expansion, UNFOLD Dark Story and Victim of the Pyramid. We’ll also be demoing other new and top secret upcoming games!

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