Chow Street Food Festival - Hilton Restaurants and Bar - Nec Restaurants and Cafes- Resort World

Hungry? Thirsty?
There are multiple options for getting you fed and watered all around UK Games Expo. Not sure where to find it all? Check out the big map

The UK Games Expo Food Festival on

During UK Games Expo the Hilton Carpark outside the main lounge is transformed into a Food Festival. All sorts of exotic offerings can be found here.

Lots of special offers and deals on meals will be offered here. These are open noon til 10pm on 31st May and 1st June and until 5pm on 2nd June.

Big Daddies Dinner Bournville Waffle The Jaberwocky Becky's Bharjis
Souvaki Canoodle The Meat Shack Habaneros

NEC Food Outlets

Inside Hall 1 and Hall 2- there is a Restaurant and a Coffee Bar.

Around the NEC there are other food outlets including a Starbucks, Wetherspoons, Street Kitchen Brother and a Subways.

Hilton Food Outlets

During UK Games Expo the HIlton Lounge Bar and the Hotel Restaurants will be serving meals. A coffee bar will be open in the lounge.
There will also be a Bar in the Palace and tuck shops in the Palace and the Kings Foyer.

Resort World

Another option for food is Resort World which is close to the Plaza hotel and boasts 15 Bars and Restaurants.