Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Awards Shortlist

Awards Shortlist

Each year our UKGE Awards Judges around the country play, replay, assess, discuss and finally decide on the shortlisted games as best in their category. They also pick a Judge's Winner, which is announced on May 7th and awarded at 5pm, on Thursday night 30th May in the Toute Suite at UKGE.

From this shortlist of games we invite you to vote for your favourites to win The UKGE People's Award.

You can vote on this page as long as you are logged into your Expo account.

We will announce the results at 3pm on Sunday 2nd June.

Best Abstract Game

  • Lacuna CMYK
  • Nunatak Kosmos
  • Pyramido Synapses Games

Best Accessory

  • ATLAS - Encounters and Monsters Loot Tavern Publishing
  • The Noble Heist - adventure and magnetic terrain set Modular Realms
  • The Weird Monte Cook Games LLC.

Best Boardgame (American-Style)

  • Go Ahead Punk! Next Dimension Games
  • Redwood Sit Down!
  • RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg Steamforged Games

Best Boardgame (Euro-Style)

  • Pampero APE Games
  • Windmill Valley Board&Dice
  • ZhanGuo: The First Empire Sorry We Are French

Best Boardgame (Strategic)

  • Cangaceiros Ares Games / Ergo Ludo Editions
  • Virtual Revolution Studio H
  • Voidfall Mindclash Games

Best Card Game (General)

  • Skullduggery Cheatwell Games/Outset Media
  • Timeline Twist Zygomatic
  • Trio Cocktail Games

Best Card Game (Strategic)

  • After Us Catch Up Games
  • Draft & Write Records Inside Up Games
  • Pioneer Rails Dranda Games

Best Children's Game

  • Dragon Dash Cheatwell Games/Outset Media
  • My Gold Mine Kosmos
  • Search Party: Chaos at the Park Relatable

Best Dice Game

  • KAPOW! Volume 2 A Comic Book Inspired Buildable Dice Game Wise Wizard Games
  • Monster 12 Kosmos
  • Spots CMYK Games

Best Expansion

  • Iki Akebono Sorry We Are French
  • Septima - Shapeshifting and Omens Mindclash Games
  • War of the Ring The Card Game - Against the Shadow Ares Games

Best Family Game

  • Dragonkeepers Kosmos
  • MLEM Rebel Studio
  • Mycelia Ravensburger

Best Gaming Novelty

  • Meeple Coffee - 5 x Tabletop Gaming Themed Speciality Coffee Meeple Coffee by Meeple Design
  • OBI Sweatshirt and Hat FanCrafted Ltd
  • Welcome to Arkham: An Illustrated Guide for Visitors Aconyte Books

Best Miniatures Range

  • Carnevale Miniatures Game TTCombat
  • Dystopian Wars - Khodynka Battlefleet Set Warcradle Studios
  • Stargrave Scavengers Osprey Games & North Star Military Figures

Best Miniatures Rules

  • CodeBlade NeuroCraft Studios Ltd.
  • Mike Hutchinson's Hobgoblin Electi Studio
  • The Doomed Osprey Games

Best Party Game

  • Bangarang Card Game Ginger Fox
  • Dobble Connect Zygomatic
  • Sorry What?! Lucky Egg

Best Role-playing Game

  • Old Gods of Appalachia Monte Cook Games LLC.
  • Salvage Union Leyline Press
  • Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum Core Rulebook Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Best Role-playing Game Adventure

  • One-Shot Wonders Roll & Play Press
  • The One Ring™ - Tales From the Lone-lands Free League Publishing
  • Vaesen - Lost Mountain Saga Free League Publishing

Best Role-playing Game Expansion

  • ALIEN RPG Building Better Worlds Free League Publishing
  • Dragonbane Bestiary Free League Publishing
  • Eldritch: the Book of Madness BlackVault Limited

Best Variant

  • Die of the Dead: The Ofrenda Variant Radical 8 Games
  • Dixit Disney Libellud
  • Pusheen: The Stacking Game Alley Cat Games