Filming and Photos at UK Games Expo

Policies for filming and taking photos at the UKGE

UK Games Expo is a great place to take photos as there is a lot going on. So we understand that vistors will want to take photos over the weekend, as well as video.

If you are taking photos and video as a reminder of the weekend all we ask is that you please apply common politeness: taking copies of photos of yourself and your friends for your own use is fine. Photos of the Trade halls and Games is usually OK but it is always best to ask permission when taking photos of individuals. If you are taking images of children you should seek permission of their parents first. If anyone refuses to give permission we ask that you respect their privacy.

If you post images on social media and blogs please take care to give proper attribution.

Taking of images or video for commercial use without the prior written permission of UK Games Expo Ltd is prohibited.

If you are a member of the media, a reporter, podcastser or blogger attending UK Games Expo in that capacity and intend using images for the use of Media you should email: who will discuss issuing you with a Press Pass.