Dare you face the Wyvern's Lair?

The Wyvern's Lair is part of UKGE's Publisher-Designer Track

The aim of the UKGE Wyvern’s Lair is to put the applicants together in the same room with
individuals who make, publish and distribute games. We do not guarantee that this will lead to
any games actually being made but out there somewhere might just be a hit game waiting to be

Maybe it is yours.


If you wish to enter the UK Games Expo Wyvern’s Lair you need to apply using the following procedure. We need your name and email as well as a pitch for your game. Tell us in 100 words or less an outline of the game concept. You may add one image to the concept document. Concept and Image should be no more than one side of A4.

Guidance: A game concept should be more than just in your head. It should already be developed as far as a prototype that has been play tested a few times.

Email Mick with this initial concept.

What happens next?
We will use this concept to decide which games we feel have potential to pitch to the Wyverns. We will then contact all those shortlisted to pitch on the day to the Wyverns with further instructions about building a 4 Minute pitch. Your pitch at the Wyvern’s Lair will be enhanced by having some prototype to show the Wyverns. The Wyverns do not expect to see production artwork but grasping a game concept is much easier if they can visualise the idea. Assuming you are chosen we will confirm the time you have for your pitch and everything else you need to know.

Wyvern's Lair Submissions are now open. Closing date is 20th April 2017

Come and watch the Wyvern's Lair in Action

Thinking about trying your game with the Lair next year? Just curious about what goes on? Supporting a pal? Everyone can attend the Wyvern's Lair.

The Wyvern's Lair will be in the Toute Suite on Saturday 3rd June 2017 in the afternoon between 3pm to 5pm. You MUST be able to attend and pitch the game in person.

Meet the Wyverns

The Wyverns are all individuals from the games industry. They have experience publishing, distributing or selling games and have all agreed to allocate some time to potential applicants to guide them forward with game developement. They don't guarantee to put money into a project or to see it to conclusion but can all advise about the next stages in developing a game. If your pitch is really good one of them might just bite and take it further.

Caezar Al-Jasar Paul Bryant Duncan Molloy
Alley Cat Games Gameslore Osprey Games

Ceazar is about to sign up his 2nd designer (from the USA) to join his team and will be looking for more top quality games in the summer. He created and runs the UK tabletop kickstarter facebook group

Paul Bryant is a Director of Spiral Galaxy Games, the company that brought us 2011 Card Game of the Year, Braggart and is perhaps better known for his role at Games Lore Ltd.

The Osprey judge will be Duncan Molloy who handles commissioning of Board and Card Games..


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Peter Blenkharn Alex Yeager Lewis Shaw
Inside the Box Board Games Mayfair Games Brain Crack Games
Peter looks after the general management of ITB, from recruiting more members to the team, to working with manufacturers, to building the growing community of gamers supporting ITB’s titles. Alex started working with the Mayfair Games crew in the late 1990s, and became a full-time member of the Mayfair team in 2005. Lewis Shaw is the Founder of Braincrack Games, who specialise in crafting card and board games that are unique, easy to learn, and satisfying to play.

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