Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022

The Children's Roleplaying Zone


Our Children’s Roleplaying Games give younger visitors to UK Games Expo the chance to step into another world! Recommended for children aged five to 12, each game lasts around an hour. No equipment or knowledge of rules is needed, just plenty of imagination and a willingness to learn! Games run on the hour, starting from 10am, and can be found at NEC Hall 2, Stand 2-568. Games are free, but we advise signing up early, as spaces fill up fast! This year, we have three different games available.

Dead Man’s Party

Atop a spooky hill, deep in the middle of a scary forest lies a strange, abandoned Castle.

When the wind blows in the right direction, you can almost hear music coming from the ruins.

And sometimes on a moonlit night, it is said you can see translucent figures dancing to the unworldly sounds.

You must unlock the secrets and drive back the ghostly revelers before it's too late!

Hot Blooded

Captain’s Log, Year 2021. We survived the battle, but our ship is badly damaged. We have no choice but to land immediately. Sensors show the planet below has a breathable atmosphere, but the surface temperature is dangerously high. We are picking up life signs, despite the high temperature it seems something is alive down there.

It will take some time for engineering to repair the engines, until then I’m sending out a landing party to defend us from the local wildlife.

Our fate is in their hands now.

It’s a small world, after all.

When a wizard has a child, they give them everything. Flying broomsticks, Easy spell Magic wands, and even an enchanted Toy box that brings any toy put into it to life.

But Deep inside the Toy box an endless war rages, Terror teddy and his play army battle endlessly against the living boardgame miniatures for control of playtime.

It’s time for you to Join the fight and bring an end to the playtime wars once and for all.