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CobblePath Games is the 2-person ttrpg studio responsible for the Horror game Locus.

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Coffee & Chaos

New to Back
CobblePath Games
Comedy, Rules-Lite, ttrpg
Minimum Age
Player Count
1 - 10

Coffee & Chaos is a rules-lite comedy storytelling game about running a cafe while things go horribly - and hilariously - wrong around you. It's built to create short sitcom-esque sessions and works well with existing groups and characters - although can be played just fine with brand new ones.  It will be coming to Kickstarter soon where you can get a printed copy of the game in a menu format along with a lot of other goodies (including stickers and a mug!). We're very excited, and we hope you are too. 



New to Buy
CobblePath Games
Horror, Mystery, ttrpg
Minimum Age
Player Count
2 - 8

What if the world was really against you? What if you couldn't escape? Struggle against the stress and pressure of the world - of your own guilt - bearing down upon you. There are no heroes here.

Locus is a bespoke, mystery/horror roleplay game with unique mechanics crafted entirely around horror.  

It is a game about flawed character, about exploring consequence and morality against a backdrop of very real, supernatural and monstrous danger.  

The game master assumes the position of a Director, who conducts their Cast (the players) in their tragic play of characters haunted by their own pasts and a scenario which aims to turn those haunts against them.  

The goal is two-fold - to unravel the mystery of the world, and then survive it.