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RPG, Solo RPG, Fantasy, Cosy
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A cosy fantasy solo journalling RPG set in a Ghibli inspired world. After the Old Witch has mysteriously disappeared, it falls to you to step in and help the people of High Rannoc with their magical ailments.

From temporal hiccups, reader's digestion, yeti chest, and weirder, your job is to identify their ailment, find which reagents will cure them, collect said reagents, and brew them the perfect potion.

With a 5 star rating on and comments like: “Such a cozy, comforting game. Great inspiration for writing and imagination. ” and “found this during ZineQuest and I'm so glad I did! the world is delightful and the prompts are thought-provoking.  I'm usually really bad at anything journaling but I haven't missed a day of this yet :) ”