Will we be bored?

Nope, no, not a chance. Look at what you can do by just paying your entry fee.

  • Free 100+ page plus full colour programme - that's right we are not going to stiff you another 10 quid when you arrive just so you know what is going on.
  • Board Game Library - over a 1000 games you can borrow and space to play them (Just pay a £10 returnable deposit and borrow and play all day.
  • 100's of Free Demonstration Games - Every publisher has space set aside so you can be taught how to play their new games for free.
  • Free Family Zone - Want to see games especially designed for families to play together? - Family zone is free and has trained staff to lead you through what games you might like to play.
  • Get some fresh air and visit the Vikings. - That's right, out by the lake are a bunch of Vikings who are camping out all weekend and regularly beating the tar out of each other. They'll even let the kids beat them up - for free.
  • See Daleks, Stormtroopers and other cool stuff and get a picture snapped with them.
  • Do the free Treasure Hunt - you might win a huge pile of games.
  • Attend one of the many geeky seminars some hosted by favourite gamer pod casts.
  • Open gaming - if you buy a game come to the open gaming space and sit down and play it.
  • Paint and Take - Be taught how to paint a miniature figure by experts - using their kit and then take the figure home for free.