UKGE Vouchers - how the scheme works

What is a UKGE voucher?

A UKGE voucher allows someone with a UKGE customer account to gift a complete order to another person.  That person will either have to have a current live UKGE account or create one before applying the voucher code.  The voucher has no monetary value but is a way of gifting any product that is sold via the UKGE website.  This includes, Entrance Tickets, Event Tickets and Merchandise.  It also allows companies that wish to give tickets as prizes a mechanism for distributing those prizes.

Please note that under NO circumstances can voucher codes be sold.  Any codes/orders that have deemed to be sold by UKGE will be cancelled and no refund will be offered.

How do I make a voucher?

  1. You place an order as normal through the UKGE website.
  2. This order can be for any of the products and tickets that are currently on sale.
  3. Ensure that you only put items in this order you wish to gift.
  4. When you have placed the order log into your customer account and click the "Gift as voucher" button.
  5. On the following screen check that you are gifting the correct order.
  6. Click the "GENERATE VOUCHER" button and the voucher will download as a pdf file.
  7. You may then either print or email the voucher to the recipient.
  8. The recipient can then redeem that voucher code in their customer account and the order will transfer to them.

Are there any conditions for vouchers?

  • Vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash
  • Vouchers cannot be sold to any third parties. If vouchers are deemed to have been sold then UK Games Expo Ltd will cancel the orders associated with that voucher. No refund will be given.
  • Refunds: If a voucher has not been REDEEMED then you may request a refund as normal through the the refund request button on your customer account page

If I generate a voucher code for an order can I get a refund?

Yes.  If the code has not been redeemed then a refund can be obtained via the normal refund process.  However once a voucher has been redeemed you cannot request a refund and the order will not be available in your order screen.