Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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Virtual Trade Hall

Browse the exhibitors in the Virtual Trade Hall.

Many of the exhibitors you would see at UK Games Expo have a Virtual stand in our Virtual Hall.

They are joined by some new exhibitors whose first UKGE will be a virtual one.


Visiting the Hall

Like surprises or are you on a mission?

You can browse the Trade Hall by scrolling the screen as if you were walking down an aisle and then just tap on a stand to see what is going on.

Alternatively you can use these options:

Tour. Preselect stands and then tap the tour to visit each stand in turn.

Random. Let chance decide which stand you visit.

Search. Type in a name or a game name or product to see relevant exhibitors.

Filter. Narrow down your search by choosing categories of exhibitor.


Visiting a stand

The exact functions possible on a stand may vary - and are in development. The image here is representative only and will alter as we approach the show weekend.

The stand will allow interaction with exhibitors via features which may include the following examples:

Classification -You can choose up to 3 searchable categories to be classified under to make it easier to be found.

About- An overview of your brand and a description.

Links /Talk - You can list different methods whereby visitors can interact with a stand including text, audio and video means such as Discord, Twitch and Zoom. This can include dialogues and demoes. Tabletopia will be available to be used as a platform for exhibitors to demo their games. Others may stream from web cams etc. How each exhibitor chooses to do this may vary.

Events - Announce key events on your stand such a a demo of a new release or a guest designer answering questions.

Here is a talk thought of the virtual trade hall by one of our Directors Richard Denning. It is representative of the way the Trade hall may work only. Exact features may vary.