Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021


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FRIDAY 21st August 2020 9.00 p.m.

This event is replaced at Virtually Expo by a LIve Stream CHat. But you are also invited to take part via the chat.


The Covid-19 Pandemic has rocked the world and has massive and in many cases devastating effects on health and the ecconomy. The Hobby Games Industry has not escaped the impact. 

Peter Adkison, owner of Gencon which like UK Games Expo was cancelled this year and Alex Yeager of publishing house, Steve Jackson Games joins UKGE directors, Richard and Tony.

They will look back on the impact so far, reflect on the virtual cons that have replaced the real world events and look forward  to 2021.

Friday night at UK Games Expo features the Publisher-Designer networking event. We encourage industry individuals and those thinking about launching games and jobs in the Industry to join in with the coversation via the chat.

How to Join

This will be streamed live on the Piazza Stage. Just click to join.