Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021

Playtest - booking a slot as a designer

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Ever designed a board game and want to see how it plays?

Playtest UK run tables for playtesting games at Virtually Expo.

Designers can apply for a slot within the schedule so you can get feedback from visitors and improve your game.

If you have a board game or card game prototype that you want to playtest at UK Games Expo you will be able to book a slot to show your game.

How will it work?

You will apply by filling in a form on Playtest UK.

Succesful applicants will be given a time slot. You will then connect to the Virtually Expo Discord Server where Playtest audio and text channels are setup.You will be allocated a 'table' which will be a combination of an Audio and Text channel. Those channels will allow you to communicate with potential players. Playtest organsers will allocate you players who will gather in the Playtest General Channel.

The slot times of playtest will be listed as events in the Virtually Expo Schedule. Within each slot we will look to list each game schduled for that slot.

How can I demo my game

From that room you have the options of

  1. Sharing your screen and running/ discussing the game from that.
  2. Sharing your Video webcam perhaps pointed at the game.
  3. Launching the game in Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator or another platform and inviting players to join you in those games (sharing the links but but still keeping audio and text comunications inside Discord).

We advise you look into the techical advice on this page and experiment with use of techonology and sharing audio and video. We also advise you have a stable internet connection, ideally a hardwired connection where possible or a strong wifi connection.

Who might look at my game?

Playtest areas at conventions typically attract players who are happy and interested in playtesting games and giving feedback. In addition potential publishers do look at Playtest Areas and UKGE will email the exhibitors and in particular the participants in Publisher Designer activities encouraging them to drop by and take a look. The later may not want to play a full game so we advise you are flexible and develop an 'elevator pitch' summary of the game concepts. You may also want to prepare sell sheets (for more info see our FAQ's and submit these with your application. so these can be made available in the event listing. Ensure contact details are on those sheets so potential publishers can make contact after the event.

Important: Games in the Playtest Zone must NOT be for sale. If you wish to demo and sell your game contact Richard about booking a Virtual stand.

Playtest UK is a friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters that meet regularly in London, Cambridge, Newcastle, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Enfield, Bath, Norwich, Edinburgh and Reading, Birmingham, Sheffield, Oxford, Bristol, Dundee, Cornwall, Southampton and SE London.. (It’s free to join and attend.)

The gamers get to play new games before they are published, give their input and maybe get a playtesting credit. The designers gain valuable feedback to help them develop their games further.

Join us on Meetup & on Twitter