Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021

Open Gaming

Open Gaming in 3 easy steps.

1.Gather some friends...


Find gamers on Discord

Our dedicated open gaming channel on our Discord server is a great place to arrange games with other Virtually Expo attendees. Go to the Discord channel and click on "Open Gaming" in the Lobby. Ask for gamers to join you. You can then use any free open gaming audio/text channel to talk as you play your games.

2. Chose a Platform


Play on Board Game Area


Play on Tabletopia

3. Get Gaming

Enjoy your game then go back to 1 and do it all over again.

Support and help with the platforms

You can get support and help getting setup on the platforms for open gaming below.


Board Game Arena

How to access and play games on Board Game Arena. AI drive game play.



How to accees and play on Tabletopia. A sandbox/ 3D enviorment


Tabletop Simulator

Longstanding physical/sandbox platform for playing board games.



Similar to BoardGameArena, Yucata is a website that hosts a virtual library of board games to play online.

vassal back.jpg


VASSAL is a free programme for PC that lets players run different tabletop game modules and play board games online. Well suited for wargames and hardcore strategy games.


Many More!

You're not limited to the platforms we mention here. Fancy playing a game over video on Discord, on Boiteajeux,,, or any of the many other places? Go for it!