Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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Open Gaming

Grab a game, gather some friends and get playing.

One of UK Games Expo's main features is huge amounts of open gaming space in the venue.

At Virtually Expo visitors from all round the world can get together and play games. This page will help you find gamers to game with.

Discord Channel

A good starting point is our own Discord Channel. Head over to the Open Gaming text channel and see who is looking for a game and suggest your own ideas. (Link comng soon)

Virtually Expo recommends using Board Game Arena or Tabletopia for Open Gaming.

Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena is the largest online board gaming service in the world.

Boasting more than 1 million opponents to challenge on 165 famous board games, there is plenty to play and new games to learn.

Virtually Expo has its own group on Board Game Arena to make it easy to meet up with other Virtually Expo visitors and get gaming.

Head over there now.

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Online arena for playing board games just like in real life. Tabletopia is a sandbox style platform which means the games have no AI controlling the game play. The players interact with the game, moving the elements about and at least one player must know the game. There are three levels of player accounts including a Free Bronze option, and then Silver ($4.99/pcm) which give access to premium games and Gold levels ($9.99/pcm) which both gives access to premium games and also allows you to invite guests players into premium games.

There is a 'Find and Play' service which helps you find games wanting additional gamers.