Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021

What's On

For 2020, we've distilled down the essence of our physical show in to Virtually Expo.

It's a bit strange and different for all of us, but we've broken down everything you can do at the show.


Watch Live Events

We have a full schedule of live events over our three Twitch channels. Watch demos and interviews with exhibitors, join in on our packed seminar schedule, or take part in our Publisher/Designer track content.


Join the Community

Our Discord server is the center of the Virtually Expo community. Join in for conversations with other attendees and exhibitors, competitions and the all-important queue.


Browse the Hall

Take a wander around our Virtual Expo Hall and see all our exhibitors have to offer; live demos, promotions, and lots more to discover.


Join Hundreds of Events

Our packed event schedule has loads to do; tournaments, RPGs, demos, cosplay parades and plenty more.


Earn Badges

By taking part in Virtually Expo, you can earn loads of exciting badges. Fill out your badge sheet and share your progress on Discord.


Organised Play

Our Organised Play events, sponsored by Asmodee Digital, include games for every type of gamer hosted on digital platforms from our partners, BoardGameArena and Tabletopia.


Open Gaming

Arrange some Open Gaming using one of the many excellent digital platforms available. Hop on to our Discord to arrange games, and use our handy voice channels!



RPGs are a staple of UKGE, and it's no different at Virtually Expo. Register to play a virtual RPG ran by some of the best GMs around!



Just like our physical show, you'll find Playtest UK running playtests of up-and-coming games on our Discord server.


Get Some Merch

We've got a full range of Virtually Expo merchandise including badges, t-shirts, dice pouches and more,


Family Fun

Explore Virtually Expo as a family and take part in all the family-friendly activities we have going on.


Vote on the Awards

Take a look at our 2020 Awards Shortlist and vote for your favourite games.


Publisher/Designer Events

We're holding a dedicated Publisher-Designer Track with game design and marketing seminars and panels, networking events and opportunities for budding designers to pitch their ideas to publishers.


Take in a Show

We have a full programme of Live Entertainment events which are free to watch. If you enjoy the shows please consider donating via links on the sites or subscribing to their chann