Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021




Please read through this volunteering page before filling in your application

UKGE would like to thank you for showing an interest in volunteering for Virtually Expo. To understand whether this opportunity is a good fit for you, below is an overview of the what, who, why, how and when of volunteering.

We ask that all potential applicants, whether you are new or have been part of the volunteering community before, should read through this information, prior to applying, as Virtually Expo will be a new experience for everyone

What does a volunteer do at Virtually Expo?

The UK Games Expo is an event unique in its field, boasting a diverse audience while maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This year, the normal Expo could not happen, but Virtually Expo, an online experience, is being created and Volunteers are still an essential part of this. We want Volunteers who are dedicated to helping this new endeavour run smoothly. We also want our Volunteers to be a friendly online presence for Virtually Expo to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

Virtually Expo will require a slightly new way of thinking and a different set of skills to the usual Expo volunteering opportunity. The Volunteers will be assisting customers with enquiries online, ranging from technical queries to general questions about what is happening and when. As such, we are looking for online communication skills; familiarity or proficiency with platforms such as Discord, Twitch, and YouTube; as well as a good level of customer service skills.

The events will be running, approximately, between 6pm Friday, August 21st and 4pm Sunday, August 23rd, so we would ask that applicants be free between these times. The length and timings of shifts will be confirmed closer to the time. We will not be asking you to do very long shifts, but we will require you to be punctual and willing to help during your allotted shifts.

Who is responsible for the Volunteers?

Before the event, all enquiries regarding General volunteering should be directed to the Volunteer Managers.

Closer to the event, if selected, you will be informed of your shifts and made aware of who your immediate points of contact are. The Volunteer Managers will be available throughout the event as well.

Why Volunteer for UKGE?

We want our Volunteers to work hard, but to have an excellent time while doing it. When we asked the team about their best moments of Expo, here were some of their responses:

“Amazing. I felt appreciated and had lots of fun!”

“You guys are like my family, yellow shirts for life”

“Fulfilling and fun way to get to Expo for less”

“People, games, experience, passion, fun, friends. All in massive quantities.”

When we asked Volunteers to describe their experience in 3 words, this is what they said:


How do I volunteer?

We would ask that applicants read the volunteer policy, understanding that some sections will not apply to this new venture. There will be no accommodation or expenses package, but the notes on behaviours still generally apply. Once you have digested and understood all this information, you should understand all that is expected of you.

You will need a registered account with UKGE. If you do not already have an account, you can set one up by clicking on the words VISITOR: LOGIN OR REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT at the top of our website. You may already have an account from previous years of course. Once logged in, you can apply by filling in the Application Form via the link at the bottom of this page, or by clicking on the Volunteering section of your Account page.

The Volunteer Managers will process your application and you will receive communication regarding your application in due course.

There may be some training and/or webinars prior to Virtually Expo and you will be informed of this in good time.

When can I apply? When can I expect to hear about my application?

You can apply now, and we encourage you to do so as quickly as possible. We do not have a specific schedule, but we would like to have all applications in before the end of June, preferably much sooner. There will be a limited number of volunteering opportunities for Virtually Expo, so we will be looking for those that fit the bill best, As such, if you are not selected, please understand that this does not reflect on your worth as a Volunteer.

Any questions?

Most of your questions should be answered above or in the Volunteer Policy. However, if you have further questions regarding the Volunteer Process or general volunteering, please email the Volunteer Managers.