Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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Running an Event

This page tells you all about submitting events at Virtually Expo.

Submit an Event

Please read the FAQ below carefully. When you are ready to submit click below.

For queries on Seminars, Workshops and Panel type events please contact Millie Lavelle

For queries on Role-playing events please get in touch with John Dodd at [email protected]

For queries on board game and card game events and tournaments please get in touch with Richard Denning on [email protected]

In order to submit your event you MUST do the following:-

  1. Register an account (This is required so you can submit an event, edit the event and we know who to contact about the event)
  2. Login using the customer login - you can find this at the top of the website.
  3. Submit your event for consideration using the Submit and Event form.
  4. You can check the status of your events in the manage events section when you are logged in.
  5. The section manager for the type of game you have submitted will then check your event details and will either contact you if there is a problem or approve your event and set it live. This may take a few weeks.
  6. Please note that Virtually Expo will add a small fee to the event.

Some virtual rpg games will not run. We want there to be enough games and enough choice so that everyone who wants to play can find a game they like. This means we aim for an excess of about 15% of RPG games. If your game doesn't run we don't hold it against you but you might want to consider why it didn't attract players so that next time it does run.

In the case of tournaments which require a minimum number we would generally aim to cancel events that do not hit an agreed player minimum before the start of UKGE.

Overall Timings

Events can run at these times during Virtually Expo. :

6pm - Midnight on Friday 21st August.

9am -Midnight on Saturday 22nd August

9am - 4pm on Sunday 23rd August

RPG Games:

We suggest that these follow a standard slots for 4 hour role-playing games. We do allow flexibility however.

8pm to midnight

9am till 1pm
3pm till 7pm
8pm till Midnight

9am till 1pm

Times for Tournaments and other gaming events

These may occupy multiple days, a full day or part of a day.
Submit your suggested times and we will discuss them with you further.