Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021

Running an Event

This page tells you all about submitting events at Virtually Expo.

STOP: Before you submit your event please read this entire page and all the FAQ's. In particular read carefully 'Can I run a Virtual Event at Virtually Expo? '

Keeping everyone safe at Virtually Expo.

Before you submit an event please read the Keeping you safe page and please ensure that the content of and enviroment around your event is suitable and fitting for a family auidence and does not contain inappropriate materials. By submitting an event you agree to abide by those rules and also agree to take action should any participant in the event behave in a way that violates those principles that ensures the online safety of all participants.

Add 'Link' to the Game and add 'How to Join Information.'

When you submit your game or event please ensure you add a link to the location that the event will occur. If you will muster players in a chat channel first link to that channel. Expand on how to access the event in 'How to Join'. In most cases for free events these links will be live and visible publickly. In the event of RPG games which have a small fee that information will be shared with ticket holders.

In the description also mention the platforms used

In the description of the event or game please also describe the platforms you will use and give the visitors/ gamers an idea of what tech and software they will need. to acess the event.

Submit an Event

Please read the FAQ below carefully. When you are ready to submit click below.

Overview of Submitting events

UK Games Expo involves numerous organised play events and tournaments. Each year we get approached by individuals wanting to run a seminar, tournament, one of game event or a RPG.


If if is a seminar or panel or workshop contact Millie to dicuss.

Roleplaying Games

If it is a Roleplaying Game then, after you have read this page, go ahead and submit your game and John Dodd our RPG manager will check it out and approve it or reach out to you with questions.

Delegate Organised Events

For Virtually Expo we will consider submissions for board games/card games/ miniature events and other events by Visitors ('Delegates') for what is traditionally called a D.O.G. or Delegate Organised Game. Please consider these points:

  • It is an existing published game, the organiser must not be connected to the Publisher or Distributor.
  • These events must not have commercial or promotional or marketing intent. Those type of events should be hosted on an Exhibitors Virtual stand.
  • If you are the designer of the game looking to get Play Test Feedback of a prototype please apply to Playtest to get a slot in the Playtest schedule
  • If you have any questions on suitability of your event first email Richard Denning, who will explore the idea further with you.

Kickstarter Game Promotion

If you are running a Kickstarter campain or promoting an upcoming campaign then we would consider the event to have commercial or promotional or marketing intent. Those type of events should be hosted on an Exhibitors Virtual stand. If you have any questions email Richard Denning, who will explore the idea further with you.

Tournament/ Games Event for Published Games

If you are planning to submit a tournament/demo firstly please ensure that your tournament/event idea fits these criteria:

  • It is an existing published game that has been on sale long enough for players to have learnt it and own it.
  • There is a player base or community interested in playing the game which you are able to promote the game to.
  • Your event must not be a 'learn to play event'. Those type of events should be hosted on an Exhibitors Virtual stand.

Our overriding principle for if we will accept a tournament/event is "is there demand from the visitors?" 

In the case of Virtual tournaments you will need to host the game on someonline plaform such as Tabletopia or Board Game Arena or an alternative. You must have the ability to muster the players and run the event. When you submit the game please ensure you submit a link to a location of where the players can join the game. This could be a discord channel for example or a facebook page/evnet you setup for the purpose.

If you think you have a tournament or event that has a player base and there is demand for then first email Richard Denning, (Organised Play Manager), who will explore the idea further with you.

Virtual Exhibitor Stands

Virtual stands have a cost of £150+vat and allow you to post multiple exhibitor events, presentations and demos during Virtually Expo . They include a free social media post (dates available from 1st September 2020 to 15th March 2021 in support of Kickstarter campaigns or other product and brand awareness efforts. Our social media reach is 17,000 on Twitter, 14,000 on Facebook and 3600 on Instragram. All gamers who might be intereted in your products.

Tournaments and events on your Virtual stands

Many exhibitors may choose to run a tournament, learn to play events, demos and talk throughs on their Virtual stand. You can find out how to submit these events and manage them here...

Submitting Tournaments into Virtually Expo event space

You may submit a tournament into the Virtually Expo event system. 

These events are subject to the same criteria as any other event submitted which is is there demand for it as a structured tournament.

Important note: We do not run tournaments/events in order to create demand as we have found this does not work. If an exhibitor wants to get players playing their game by far the best way is to demo it in the trade hall . A tournament should not be the start of a marketing campaign but seen as the ultimate marker of a successful game. It's an end point when there is sufficient player base who demand a tournament/event.

However if you feel there is player demand you are entitled to submit the event for consideration along with all other events. We do not guarantee the event will run but we will take a look.

Learn to Play events and demoes are not suitable for tournament spaces. These are suited to either Playtest or Virtual Trade stand.

Email Richard Denning, (Organised Play Manager), who will explore the idea further with you.

Listing and Promoting your events

The events could be submitted by you and  listed on our website. We would promote the events in social media and emails. We can link to your own events pages.

For queries on Seminars, Workshops and Panel type events please contact Millie Lavelle

For queries on Role-playing events please get in touch with John Dodd at [email protected]

For queries on board game and card game events and tournaments please get in touch with Richard Denning on [email protected]

In order to submit your event you MUST do the following:-

  1. Register an account (This is required so you can submit an event, edit the event and we know who to contact about the event)
  2. Login using the customer login - you can find this at the top of the website.
  3. Submit your event for consideration using the Submit and Event form.
  4. Please ensure you add a link in the links field to where the event will be held. This can be a website to fnd out more, a discord server channel etc. You can expand on that information in the event description and the how to join sections.
  5. You can check the status of your events in the manage events section when you are logged in.
  6. The section manager for the type of game you have submitted will then check your event details and will either contact you if there is a problem or approve your event and set it live. This may take a few weeks.
  7. Please note that Virtually Expo will add a small fee to the event.

Some virtual rpg games will not run. We want there to be enough games and enough choice so that everyone who wants to play can find a game they like. This means we aim for an excess of about 15% of RPG games. If your game doesn't run we don't hold it against you but you might want to consider why it didn't attract players so that next time it does run.

In the case of tournaments which require a minimum number we would generally aim to cancel events that do not hit an agreed player minimum before the start of UKGE.

Overall Timings

Events can run at these times during Virtually Expo. :

6pm - Midnight on Friday 21st August.

9am -Midnight on Saturday 22nd August

9am - 4pm on Sunday 23rd August

RPG Games:

We suggest that these follow a standard slots for 4 hour role-playing games. We do allow flexibility however.

8pm to midnight

9am till 1pm
3pm till 7pm
8pm till Midnight

9am till 1pm

Times for Tournaments and other gaming events

These may occupy multiple days, a full day or part of a day.
Submit your suggested times and we will discuss them with you further.

We expect that Virtually Expo, like its physical world counter part, UK Games Expo will attract a wide range of Attendees of all ages and the Organisers aim to provide a safe environment in which all Attendees as well as those attending as traders, volunteers, or guests may enjoy the opportunity to see, play and buy the widest range of games. In order for the safe environment to be maintained we would like to ask all attendees to read and take note of the types of behaviour that would be found unacceptable and would not be tolerated at Virtually Expo.

This and other guidance on online events is laid out in our Keeping you Safe page.

Almost all events run at Virtually Expo will be done in a third party envirement. As these will be outside the areas that UKGE can directly control all event organisers are required to ensure that no content is accessible in any format which would be inappropiate to families and children. They are also required to moderate their channels and platforms and take action if any participant suffers abuse or threats or encounters materials that are not acceptible to a family audience.

How to get help as an event organiser or participant if you encounter any unacceptable online activities in an event

Look for the yellow shirt icon on Virtually Expo site pages. This icon represents a help desk.

Any visitors who encounter an event or experience that causes distress or discomfort or makes them feel unsafe or threatened or anyone who just needs advise and assistance may click on this icon and our Yellow Shirt Volunteers will attempt to resolve the matter.

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