Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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How will Zoom be used for Virtually Expo?

Anyone participating in Virtually Expo may use Zoom for roleplaying games, exhibitors may use it to broadcast to Twitch to demonstrate games or a variety of others reasons where people need to see one another or a game, share their screens and talk.

If you are using Zoom to broadcast then you will need to sign in and create an account, If you are participating in, for example a roleplaying game, then you will simply need to follow the link given and download Zoom US when prompted.

Zoom help and links

To get started and find out more about this software follow Zoom's links here:

Find out more about getting started with Zoom here.

Zoom video tutorials are here.

General Zoom help can be found here.

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Ask for help during Virtually Expo.

We understand, this is a new way of doing things, both for you and for us.

To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible during Virtually Expo, you'll be able to ask our friendly volunteers and knowledgeable ambassadors for help at any time during the event.