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Tabletop Simulator

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What is Tabletop Simulator?

Tabletop Simulator is a physics based board game engine that can be bought on various sites but most notably Steam. It comes default with no rules enforcement but there is a large library of scripted games and a few fully automated ones. This means you can get an authentic digital gaming experience by moving all the pieces yourself or allow the platform to do it for you. Even though there are games that are scripted you will still need to learn the rules as it will not teach you.

Tabletop Simulator can be played on PC, Mac, Linux, VR and there is a browser share screen function for hand management and card play that the host has to enable using a special workshop mod.

How will Virtually Expo use Tabletop Simulator?

For Virtually Expo Tabletop Simulator is another option available for both Open Gaming and exhibitors who can create playable demos online of their games to show you how to play.

In order to access gaming content you will need to create a Steam account, download it and then purchase TTS. (Cost £14.99)

This will allow you to start subscribing to games using the workshop and purchasing DLC’s from the store.

How to access Tabletop Simulator .

To get started with Tabletop Simulator have a look at these links:

How to Play Tabletop Simulator. - Overboard Game’s detailed instructions and tutorial videos on how to use the platform.

Tabletop Simulator Website

Official or Approved Free Tabletop Simulator Mod