Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021
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Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is one of the most widley used software apps which allow a more immersive and interactive experience in which players can move their characters around a map provided by the Gm and fight monsters. It contains many features such as virtual dice rolling. character sheets and maps with a grid system.The systems even manage to an extent the resolution of combat and spells. Sometimes a bit of work by Gm's or players is needed to make things like spells work in the platform but the Gm should have done this in advance. Dunegons and Dragons is the best supported but it is possible to play Pathfinder, Call of Cthulu and many other systems.

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Fantasy Grounds

The user interface of Fantasy Grounds is different depending on which game system is selected for the session. Fantasy Grounds is often praised by reviewers for its features and toolsets which allow players to fully customize their games, however this feature is also the reason it is also criticized for its complexity and steep learning curve. At Virtually Expo the Gms who run the games should have become practised with the system so players can be taught the basics quickly.

There are two versions of Fantasy Grounds:

  1. Fantasy Grounds Classic which has been around for several years.
  2. Fantass Grounds Unity which is an Open Beta.

The details of which version will be shared with you before the game.

In both cases players need to:

  1. Setup an account on Fantasy Grounds.
  2. Download and install the free demo versions of Fantasy Grounds Classic or Fantasy Ground Unity
  3. Run the app and choose Join Game using any user name you wish, the server address and password the GM will issue.

For a walk through of how to join a Fantasy Grounds game watch this video:

This video is a walk through of basic game play: