Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021


What is Board Game Arena?

Hosting hundreds of digital game conversions complete with AI, Board Game Arena lets you play boardgames online guiding you through your turn and moving pieces and calculating scores as it goes. you will need to create a Board Game Arena account before you can play a game. Create a Board Game Arena login here.

How will Virtually Expo use Board Game Arena?

For Virtually Expo we are using this platform for Tournaments and Open Gaming.

It is an additional possibility for online demoes of games or exhibitors who have games on this Board Game Arena.

How to access Board Game Arena.

To get started with Board Game Arena have a look at these links:

Find out more about Board Game Arena here.

Get started with Board Game Arena.

There is a badge on Virtually Expo you can claim by visiting Board Game Arena Virtually Expo forum.
Find it click the link and you get the badge.