Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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Discord Help

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What is Discord?

Discord is a free chat App providing Gamers with ways to find each other, co-ordinate play and talk while playing. It supports video calls, voice chat and text, allowing users to get in touch or share information however they please. Discord has been used as a sound channel for online gaming for a while now now and more recently has incorporated video making table top gaming more accessible.

How will Virtually Expo use Discord?

For Virtually Expo we have created a Virtually Expo specific Discord server with a variety of "rooms" and areas mimicking parts of the Expo

How to access Discord.

To get started with Discord you need to register an account:

Register an account here

Discord help available here.

Please always access Virtually Expo Discord server via the links on the site (see button above).

We advise against using the downloadable app as that will not give you access to the function of Virtually Expo.

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Ask for help during Virtually Expo.

We understand, this is a new way of doing things, both for you and for us.

To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible during Virtually Expo, you'll be able to ask our friendly volunteers and knowledgeable ambassadors for help at any time during the event.