Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Tickets will be on sale after Easter 2021.

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Naylor Games

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Check out Magnate: The First City, a property development game releasing this year.

In Magnate: The First City, you are a property developer trying to make as much money as you can in a city wide construction boom. 

You'll have to choose the land you're going to buy and decide what to build there from a range of realistic 3D buildings. You'll collect rent from the tenants you attract to your developments and then, when the time is right, sell your property for a massive profit.

But beware, your actions will cause prices to rise. Eventually prices will climb too high and the boom will turn to bust in a game-ending market crash! Don't get caught out when it does!

If you are interested in learning more, talking to us or seeing some gameplay, come and visit our discord server!

We will be playing 4 live games over the course of the event, during which we will be doing some rules explanations, talking to anyone watching and even showing off some of the advanced gameplay!

The games are running at the following times:
Saturday 22nd, 10.30am - 1pm, Basic game
Saturday 22nd, 2.30pm - 5pm, Advanced game
Sunday 23rd, 10.30am - 1pm, Advanced game
Sunday 23rd, 2.30pm - 5.30pm, Expansion game (using employee cards)