Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
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Volunteers Policy

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Introduction to the Volunteering Policy

The UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the UK’s largest hobby game convention and is held annually at the Hilton Metropole Hotel (Birmingham) and Halls 2, and 3, Piazza and Toute Suite in the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). The show is made up of several distinct elements that allow the attendees to try, experience and purchase hobby games of all genres. The opportunity for people to participate is key to the ethos and understanding of the UKGE. In 2021 the show will be held in the NEC due to the Hilton being closed for refurbishment.

Trade Hall

UKGE has a large trade hall hosted in the NEC. This trade area has over 150 retailers, publishers, artists, designers and related gaming traders. UKGE encourages traders to offer the opportunity to try games with no obligation to buy.

Organised Play

UKGE hosts tournaments and organised gaming sessions spanning all genres of the hobby games market - Boardgames, Role Playing Games, Miniatures, Collectible Card Games, Live Action Role Playing and Costume Play. The organised play forms a vital part of UKGE and we offer hundreds of games and tournaments in which people can play.

Open Play

While many people enjoy Organised Play, others like to either bring their own games or play games they have purchased at the show. We provide large Open Gaming areas to facilitate this and access to a Board Games Library from which attendees can borrow games.

Seminars, Guests and Special Events

Each year we hold a range of seminars featuring celebrity guests and gaming luminaries. In addition, we also hold special events such as “The Dark Room” comedy show. These events are always gaming-related and offer a wider understanding and experience for our attendees.

Why do we use volunteers?

The organisers of UKGE have always felt that the show is something in which we all participate, rather than something that is simply consumed. It is a social, community event as well as a gaming event. We have found over the years that many people who come to the Expo want to contribute to this community and an event that they find enjoyable. Simply attending is not enough. Many of the activities we run are labour intensive and require a lot of people to run effectively. If we were to use paid staff for these roles the cost would make the show uneconomical to run.

The best solution to this is to use volunteers to fill most of the roles over the course of the show Without volunteers, the UKGE would not only be impossible, we feel it would be a much poorer event for it.

Types of Voluntary Roles

General Volunteers - The individuals who help make the show run, carrying out a wide range of tasks, from stewarding, selling tickets and providing information and help to visitors, to helping with setup and cleardown.

Senior Volunteers - These include Volunteer Managers, Team Leaders, Organised Play Managers, Floor Managers. Senior Volunteer roles are by invitation only.

GMs/Tournament Umpires - Individuals running roleplaying and board/card/miniatures tournaments for visitors.

Expectations - General and Senior Volunteers

We, at UKGE, will do our best to:

● Ensure you are aware of the tasks that are required of you and who your Team Leaders are; where possible, this will be in advance of the start of your shift

● Meet our promises with regard to expenses and accommodation as per the sections below

● Provide you with a safe and respectful workplace

● Provide a clear hierarchy for the purposes of supervision and solving any problems that may arise

As volunteers, we will expect you to do your best to:

● Help UKGE provide an excellent experience for visitors, by being friendly, welcoming and helpful

● Work reliably and diligently

● Turn up for your shifts punctually and work the hours you have agreed, unless you are unable or you have been informed otherwise by your Team Leader or the Volunteer Managers

● Give as much warning as possible if you are unable to fulfil any role to which you have committed

● Be presentable, wear your UKGE shirt for all shifts, and wear sensible clothing and footwear, appropriate to the tasks you are performing

● Wear your Expo badge/lanyard at all times while you are on shift

● Act in the best interest of UKGE by respecting visitors, fellow volunteers and staff, as well as promoting a safe and healthy environment

● Report to your Team Leader any actions by anyone that you feel could be considered harassment, anti-social behaviour, or constitute a health and safety risk. This will be taken seriously by your Team Leader and all at UKGE

Neither of us intend any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future.

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