Guidelines on tournaments and other events at the UKGE

UK Games Expo involves numerous organised play events and tournaments. Each year we get approached by individuals and companies wanting to run a tournament. Firstly please ensure that your tournament idea fits these criteria:

Our overriding principle for if we will accept a tournament/event is "is there demand from the visitors?" We do not run tournaments/events in order to create demand as we have found this does not work. If a company wants to get players playing their game by far the best way is to demo it in the trade hall and donate copies to the Board Game Library. A tournament should not be the start of a marketing campaign but seen as the ultimate marker of a successful game. It's an end point when there is sufficient player base who demand a tournament/event.

If the games does not yet have a player base then the first step is to organise a series of small tournaments/events in local gaming clubs and games shops. If you are an individual we suggest you contact the games publisher as they might have ideas about organised play. If you have a distributor it may be worth talking to them about any support they offer in getting organised play set up.

Can you run a tournament or event?

All tournaments/events that are approved and ticketed by UKGE are run by UKGE organisation.
Some companies may run a tournament on their stand, which they are free to do. However UKGE does not ticket these events and they are at the discretion of the exhibitor.

If you think you have a tournament or events that has a player base and there is demand for then first email Richard Denning, (Organised Play Manager), who will explore the idea further with you.

Later he may ask you to submit the event via our events submission

What about umpires and ticketing?

UKGE will set an approved event up as a ticketed tournament/event on the UK Games Expo website. These events will be promoted by us. We allocate space which will be protected space within our organised play areas. There will be an event ticket charge which UKGE keeps which covers the cost of set up, space, volunteers and any prize support we may give depending on tournament/event demand.

There is no cost to you but if there is no demand for the event and tickets do not sell we retain the right to cancel the tournament/event and refund any sold tickets and use the space for other events.

Can exhibitors book dedicated event space for their tournaments?

Occasionally individual exhibitors and companies book dedicated space to run an event in. This is handled by a bespoke arrangment as a fee applies to the space provided.
To explore this option please email Richard Denning.

General Guidance

UK Games Expo is a family show. Thus we retain the right to cancel or refuse events which we consider to be in bad taste or offensive. (Or at the least we will put it in a side room!)

To discuss Tournaments further please email Richard Denning, (Organised Play Manager)