Information you need to get a refund

How do I request a refund before the show?

Refunds are requested by logging into your customer page and clicking the request refund button next to the order you want a refund for. You can request a complete refund or a partial refund by following the instructions

Please note we don't mind why you need a refund which is why there isn't a space to explain. We are happy to refund your tickets before the show if you can't use them or don't want them. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way.

I have tried the "refund request" but still do not have a refund what should I do?

Refunds can take up to three working days to process so please allow enough time for us to deal with your request. If you have not had a refund after 3 working days the feel free to contact Tony Hyams at tony@ukgamesexpo.co.uk

At the Show

If an Attendee has purchased an Event Ticket (other than for a miniatures’ tournament), but is then unable to participate in the tournament or role playing game for which he had bought an Event Ticket, he may present the Event Ticket to the admin desk and request a refund. Refunds will only be made if the admin desk manager in their absolute discretion considers that there is a reasonable chance that the Event Ticket could be re-sold. Therefore requests for a refund made within 4 hours of the start time are unlikely to be met.