THe Board Game Redesign Competition

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The 2016 Competition

The competition will be launched at 9am  on Saturday 30th May in the Arden seminar Room - Find out more then!!

UK Games Expo and associates are pleased to announce the UKGE Board Game Redesign Competition 2016.

Have you ever played a game and thought that if you took the components and threw away the rules there could be a completely different game on the table? Ever thought that you have a game design just waiting to come out if only you had someone to kick start you? Ever wanted to get insight into how a game design is taken from first thoughts through to publication? UK Games Expo Board Game Re-design Competition is for you!

Budding designers will be given a set of components of an already published game and will have 7 months to design a completely new game. Change the text on the card, adapt the pieces here, repurpose tokens there and voila; a new game is born.

Once designers have made their new games, given them a name, theme and play tested it a few times, it will be time to hand it back over to the team at Leisure Games, who will shortlist a handful of games. Then the shortlisted games will be handed over to a team of play test experts who will take each game through the rigors of a professional play test session by Playtest UK and give individual feedback to the designers. The shortlisted games will then be handed over to the final judging panel and will get a demonstration spot at UK Games Expo 2016 where the winner will be announced. The winning designer wins a year long mentorship from Surprised Stare Games.


• 29th May to 31st   UK Games Expo 2015
The competition will be launched from the Leisure Games stand in the Palace Suite at UKGE. Budding designers will be able to ask questions. Competition packs will be available from Leisure Games. Packs will be limited and may be available to collect in store after the weekend. Note that no pack will be sent out. Contestants must be 16 or over or have parental consent and the intellectual property rights will belong to the entrant. Entry fee is £10. Places are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

•1st Jan 2016
Entries must be received by Leisure Games. All entrants will receive an email confirmation that their games have been received. Please leave plenty of time for postage.

• January to March 2016 
Entries will be shortlisted and finalists will be notified by the middle of March.

• Design Review Day Early April 2016
Date and Venue TBC
Finalists will be invited along to attend a design development day, led by Playtest UK in London, where they will have a chance to present their game to a team of play testers and hear feedback on the day about their design.

• June 2016 UK Games Expo 2016
The finalists will get a demoing space at UK Games Expo 2016 to engage the public. Final judging will take place and the winner will be announced with the rest of the year’s awards.

• June 2016-May 2017
A written review will be handed over, video produced and mentorship will take place.

The competition will be launched at 9am  on Saturday 30th May in the Arden seminar Room

Board Game Redesign Competition 2015 Short List

The 2015 Board Game Redesign Competition produced a short list of 5 games which will be available to play in the Monarch Suite adjacent to the Play Test area during trade hours on all 3 days. The winner will be announced at the Prize giving on Sunday 31st May. These games made the most of the components. One of these will be crowned the winner at UK Games Expo. The winning game will then get a print and video review from Little Metal Dog Show and the designer a year long mentorship from Surprised Stare Games.  

Stock 'n' Roll by Adam Porter

In Stock 'n' Roll players are investors looking to make the best deals by assessing risk, manipulating markets, and turning profits into gold! Stock 'n' roll is a fast-paced dice-rolling game for 3-5 players, which plays in under an hour. 

Gnolems by Bevan Clatworthy 

Gnomes love gems, but they love gold more! Use the elemental Gnolems to operate the Machine, earn gems, manipulate the market and build your own device to sell your Gems at the best possible price. The Gnome with the most gold will be the victor!

Yo Dawg,

I heard you like moving gnomes, so move a gnome to move a gnome to move a gnome to remove tokens by Behrooz Shahriari 

A game of forward planning and deduction. Move a gnome to move a gnome to move a gnome to remove tokens to hopefully win.

Urgencia by Neil Palframan, Sarah Hurst, Ian Taylor, Rebecca Taylor.

In Urgencia, players compete to take on the role of the emergency services.  Each player must recruit personnel, acquire equipment, build facilities and train their squad as they move around the city attempting to squash the threats of crime, fire, insurgency and medical emergencies before their rivals.

Treasure Hunters by Marta Borowiecka

The Treasure Hunters is an adventure game, where you take part in collecting gems to complete the quest while avoiding keepers gaze. Your task is to control gnomes and their abilities and discover treasures in the tower and then stash them in the hideaway place in the market.