What you can and what you can't do at Expo

Every year we get asked by exhibitors if they may conduct a raffle or prize draw on their stand.

Exhibitors may conduct a Prize Draw providing it is NOT a lottery.
Lotteries are games where:
you pay to enter;
there is at least one prize;
winning a prize is only dependent on chance.

They are a form of gambling and are subject to safeguards and regulations. Any lottery, whether it is, or is not, exempt cannot be run for private gain.
A lottery is basically gambling and need a gambling license which we don’t have and the NEC will not allow. So you can't do a straight lottery.

Prize Draw Competitions are not lotteries.
In Prize draws you can still charge for a ticket BUT Prize competitions are based on a degree of skill, judgement or knowledge that is reasonably likely to
prevent some people from taking part; or prevent some people from getting the right answer.

So in 2016 at UK Games Expo we did a Prize Draw for Cthulhu Pandemic in which to enter, the participants had to first answer a gaming related question which some people might not know the answer to at least not without having to check first. It need not be a very hard question. We asked which of a list of names were characters in the Cluedo game. Answering correctly enabled the entrant to buy tickets for th draw.

Free Raffles

If you do not charge for the entry and there is no gain from the raffle then you can always give away prizes linked to a draw.