Powering your stand

Power installs start at £145+VAT. If you prefer not to pay this consider bringing batteries or charging your devices overnight.

The cost of supplying power at the NEC varies according to a number of factors.

Power supply has three components:

1. Mains Supply.

2. Power draw required in Watts.

3. Number of sockets required.

Calculating your power costs

We have included the supply of mains in the cost of supplying the power to simplify calculating your power costs.

1. Work out your required power draw in watts. Click here for some tips

2. Supply cost = £85 per 500W.

3. Now add your socket requirements = £60 per socket. (Save your money: Don't buy too many. Maybe just buy one and add a 4 or 6 socket extension cable)


Example 1: •500W supply with one socket. • Supply cost = £85 • Sockets £60 Total = £145 + vat.

Example 2: •1500W supply with two sockets. • Supply cost = 3 x £85 = £255 • Sockets 2 x £60 = £120 • Total = £375 + vat.

Now login to your Exhibitor Portal and select your power needs. Richard will then confirm the booking and invoice you.

Note1 : Island stands and stands where there are only 2 or 3 exhibitors in a block require their own mains supply and MUST request a bespoke quote. Click here for more details.

If you are in a larger block we may get in touch in the event that only 1 or 2 of you want power to see if you still want it.

Note 2: Power is on during trade hours and restock hours only. If you require 24 hour power you must tell us. There is a 20% surcharge for 24 hours power.

How much power do devices draw?

Power draw is expressed in watts. Add together all the devices and that gives you your total watts. Consult device manuals for details.

Warning - these are examples only. UKGE are not electricians! You are responsible for finding the power draw of your devices. We accept no responsibility if your power is insufficient.

Device Power Draw Device Power Draw
Coffee Machine 1500w 100 watt incandescent bulb 100w
Standard TV 188w LED light 8w
LCD Monitor 150w Video Game Player 195w
Desktop Computer 120w Fridge 1400w
High end Gaming PC 1500w Kettle 1200w
Laptop Computer 120w MP3 player 40w
Fan 100w Projector 313w
Ipad 20w Mobile phone 10w
Plasma TV 339w Stereo 30w

Islands and shared blocks with less than 3 powered stands.

Island Stands and Blocks with less than 3 exhibitors taking power require their own mains supply and MUST request a bespoke quote.

This is because the minimum mains install is 6 Amps. This costs £255+vat.

6 Amps would be sufficient for around 1500 watts supply.

3 exhibitors can share this mains and get 500w each (which is where we get our charge of £75 per 500watts from. But if there is only 1 or 2 exhibitors sharing this they have to pay a larger figure (IW £225+VAT or £112.50+Vat).

If we have a greater power need in a block we put a larger mains in and will quote on those prices. Note that we also still need to add £60 per socket.

Please contact who will require you to know your power draw. You need to work out the total watts that your devices will draw (see above).