at UK Games Expo

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Main Event Information

Format for TCG is standard.
Prices for online registrations are €35 for Masters (VG & TCG) and €20 for Juniors and Seniors (VG & TCG).

Registration onsite (in the venue) will be 35 British Pounds for Masters (VG & TCG) and 20 British Pounds for Juniors and Seniors (VG & TCG).

BOOK IN NOW: Link for online registrations: https://tournamentcenter.eu/en/pokemon/about  (click this link to be taken to the site to book your ticket)

Registration price includes a 2 day weekend ticket for the entrant to the UKGE Tournament Hall and the UKGE Trade Hall and other convention spaces. You may upgrade to a 3 day ticket if you wish at the venue. This costs £6 for an adult (16+) and £4 for a Young adult (ages 11 to 15). Children under 11 can upgrade for free.

Accompanying family members and friends can gain entry to the Tournament Hall (Hall 3a) for no extra charge, but will have to purchase a UKGE Entrance ticket if they wish to visit the Trade Hall and other areas.


Registered entrants do not need to enter in a general UK Games Expo ticket queues.

On arrival at the venue please instead go straight to the Pokemon Tournament Area in Hall 3a. See Venue map.

Accompanying family members and friends can then visit the ticket booths if they wish to collect prebooked tickets or buy a ticket to visit the rest of UKGE.

Schedule of the day:

- 8:00 TCG/VG (late) registration
- 9:30 TCG Player meeting
- 10:00 VG Player meeting

- 8:30 TCG Meeting
- 9:00 VG Meeting

This schedule is subject to change: we advise you check the definitive schdule on the links at the top of the page.

Tournament structure for both the TCG and the VG Championship

TCG Prizes structure Top 32-64

1st–8th place: 108 booster packs
9th–16th place: 72 booster packs
17th–32nd place: 36 booster packs
33rd–64th: 18 booster packs

VGC Prizes structure Top16

1st–2nd place: 72 booster packs
3rd–4th place: 36 booster packs
5th–8th place: 18 booster packs
9th–16th: 9 booster packs