Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
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The organisers of the UK Games Expo are launching a new UK bases games industry professional conference aimed at retailers, publishers, designers, distributors, licensing and brand executives and game cafes.

Proposed date: Q1 2023

Games Industry Conference (G.I.C.) aims to provide a focal point for the tabletop games industry in the UK to meet with the aim of supporting the industry, growing the marketplace and disseminating knowledge and expertise.

G.I.C. will feature these key elements:

A) Publisher Summit. Publishers will be able to book a table to show information about their titles to buyers, retailers and distributors.

B) Games Industry business track where industry figures present seminars and workshops on key aspects of the tabletop games industry.

C) Opportunities for industry networking. Ample opportunity during registration, coffee breaks and over lunch to make new contacts and network. There will also be potential for 1:1 meetings and breakout sessions and an informal games evening.

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