Changing your info on our site

UK Games Expo lists exhibitors and co-exhibitors on our website, in the programme and in the app.

Note that a partial list of exhibitors is showing on the app. The exhibitor list on the app is updated to show the full info just before the show.

We also show your logo and URL on our website.

Please check these pages(links below) and send corrections and new images if required.

Exhibitor Page at UKGE
We add you as expected exhibitor to this page:
Please Check your company name is appropriate Please check the link shown is correct and points to an appropriate URL.
If we do not have your logo please send a JPG sized to EXACTLY 60 pixels high and no more than 150 Pixels wide.

Exhibitor Description
Each year we collate a list of every company who attends and add them to a list hosted online and also printed in our show programme. Check that you are in the index. If you do not appear (because you are new) or you are unhappy with the description etc please send a 90 character description of your company.
This is the index:

Any correction should be emailed to Send any corrections to