An audience with Ian Livingstone

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Ian Livingstone along with Steve Jackson and John Peake, founded Games Workshop in a flat in Shepherd’s Bush. Not being a fan of D&D, John soon left the company, and Ian and Steve turned Workshop into a specialist fantasy games company.

Join Ian Livingstone for an hour and hear the history of Games Workshop, not so much the business narrative but the story of its founders and their journey, along with all the people they picked up along the way. How did Ian and Steve do it? How did they open that first Workshop store? What's the story behind Dungeons & Dragons coming to the UK? How did Games Workshop grow after that? And how, along the way, did they invent an entirely new book publishing genre in Fighting Fantasy?

This seminar touches on many topics covered in an upcoming book, Dice Men: Games Workshop 1975 to 1985
Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson with Jamie Thomson

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