Made by Hand

Product ID:SEM3988

Type: Publisher/Designer Track

Day: Sunday

Price: £0.00

Start time: 13:00:00 - End Time: 14:00:00

Maximum Players: 50

Event System

Publisher-Designer Track

Event Description

Jackson Pope will show you his tips & tricks for making a card game by hand.

Over the course of an hour, Jackson will hand-craft a copy of Zombology in front of a live audience. During the demonstration he will talk about his experience running Reiver Games, his 12 years’ experience of hand-crafted very high quality games (both for sale and as prototypes) and teach the audience some of the many tips and tricks he's learnt during that time. Jackson will take a flat sheet of greyboard, an A3 sheet of vinyl sticker, five A3 sheets of card and an A4 rules sheet and craft a finished game.

Jackson Pope

Jackson designed his first board game, Border Reivers, during 2002-2004. Eventually he formed Reiver Games to self-publish Border Reivers, making 100 copies by hand. Those 100 copies sold out within the company’s first year and he received a game from another designer which he published in 2007, as another 300 copy hand-made run. Jackson then invested more heavily in Reiver Games and over the next few years professionally manufactured games and sold them through shops and distributors, releasing three larger runs by various designers: a reprint of It’s Alive!, Carpe Astra and Sumeria. With cash reserves dwindling, he shut down Reiver Games in July of 2011. He’s not stopped designing games though, and in August 2017 he started a second publishing company, Eurydice Games, to self-publish and sell hand-crafted games.